Monday, March 26, 2007


I have never really done this blogging thing before... I have a few short ones on my myspace recently, but not everyone in the family can access that so - here goes!

We plan on putting up pictures of the kids, updates, upcoming events, and general commentary on life as we see it on here!

Plan on plenty of opinionated stuff, lots of cute pics, and lots of stuff to keep you in the know!

We'll post Mallory's soccer schedule soon (Tracy is her coach for the third season) - we just got started, but only 4 more games to go. First game, our Blue Dragons won 8-1!! We'll post some pics from the first game too.

Julia is just getting to where she scoots around after things that catch her eye. Soo cute! We'll post some of those too!

Gotta go get back to work and little sweetie for now!