Friday, January 30, 2009

It's been a loooong week.

I'll have to blog more about it this weekend since I have lots to do today.

I guess the main things going on right now are:

Tracy wrecked his dad's car about 2 weeks ago and we're somehow still driving it. The insurance company plans to "total" it but that's about all that we know right now and we won't have the car after that. Tracy was fine; someone ran him off the road on I-85 and left the scene. The car is scraped, dented, and flat out missing chunks of the driver's side of the car. He hit the metal fence in the median that keeps you from crossing into the other flow of traffic. How on earth he didn't get hurt or have airbags deploy is beyond me and I'm so glad God was watching over him. So depending on how things work out, we will either be car shopping earlier than anticipated or repairing the Saturn if we work out that option with the people who get it after Farm Bureau takes it.

I finally finished knitting my mom's hat - it looks a little big to me but it fit my head just fine. I just hope it fits hers! I knitted on circular needles and then 4 double-point needles and I don't even know how to begin to explain any of that to blogland! I will have to take some photos of the hat - it's a pale rosy pink yarn called chinchilla (no it's not made of them, just soft like them!). I am so glad I met my knitting ladies - they are really a sweet bunch of women and I wish I had more time to spend with them each week!

I have missed the last 2 Tuesday nights of Bible study but I'm really looking forward to being able to go this week. I have a good time with them and usually learn a lot! we're doing a 12 week Beth Moore study this time.

We have had tons of work for Shelton Properties this week. I guess that's how it is - it comes and it goes. For this I am grateful, for about 5 weeks we had nothing as far as work goes and from Dec. 19 to until the second week in January we didn't get a check at all and when we got one it was for $350. I'm glad we had saved money for other reasons and that we were able to pull through it all. Tracy has travelled all over the state in the beat-up car as far down as Yemassee and Walterboro and as far west as Aiken and North Augusta. I won't complain about miles and hours it takes because in the present economy, I'm just grateful to have work and a job at all.

Last but not least in the long week - Julia Grace fell last night in their bedroom and had a small gash above her right eyebrow. We think it may have been where she was running with a block in her hands but we're really not sure. I was home alone with her and cleaning up spilled milk.Prior to me cleaning it, Julia Grace was lying on her belly trying to lap it like a dog or cat and I said get out of that! She ran away when I said that and fell or ran into something in the bedroom while I was cleaning. She came out crying and saying ow ow ow. She had blood on it and I cleaned it and she screamed. It was evident she needed to go to the doctor, but the blood wasn't gushing anymore, it was starting to clot some. She allowed me to get her dressed and then went back to playing with her toys in the bedroom floor and jabbering and LAUGHING! When Cathy got here to take me to the ER, she was jabbering and smiled and laughed at her too. I felt bad; Tracy was at Mallory's PTO program and had to leave without talking to Mallory. He did get to see her part of the performance in the recycling program and took pictures of her dressed in her trash bag. That's a story for later!
Anyhow - long story short, Julia Grace got 3 blue stitches last night by Dr. Rauch. She didn't like the band aid over it while the numbing medicine took effect and she didn't like them binding her arms so she couldn't push them away. I had to hold her legs down at her knees so she didn't kick them. It was definitely an experience - after watching how they stitched her together this time I am certain they should have stitched her eyebrow last August instead of steri-stripped and glued it.

And I guess somewhat ironically, Jayne had just called me yesterday morning asking how deep Julia Grace's cut was last August, did it ooze, etc because Riley had hit his head on the coffee table at her in-law's before she got there to get him. She was debating on whether to take him to the doctor. Well, she went and Mr. Riley got 2 stitches himself. His cut was in the same area as Julia Grace's last one. So we have matching 2 year-olds! Definitely not planned but they both have done so well with this hiccup in toddler-hood. Riley gets his stitches out in 5 days and Julia Grace gets hers out in 6 days.

Well there's the updates I can think of for now. At least all the news that's fit to know for now. Haha.

Everyone have a good day and a good week and stay safe out there!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We've all just been so busy in our house - lots of different things going on right now. We've had meetings and Boot Camp and work and activities and well you get the picture!

I am taking a breather today and spending it scrapbooking with Angie. I need days like this. Tracy and Julia Grace are hanging out for the afternoon until he goes to play basketball this evening if that works out for him.

I've got some errands to run before scrapbooking. I've got to run to Ingle's - it's the last day of triple coupons! I've got to go to Gymboree too - I have some Gymbucks that will expire this weekend so I'm going to redeem those as well. Depending on time (it may get pushed to tomorrow) I've got to go to Sam's too and buy some food for the freezer. The pantry is looking pretty gaunt at this point.

I hope to get Elmo pics up later this evening and what little snow we had on the ground as well.

Have a wonderful day!

Please continue to pray for my mom - she is still receiving chemotherapy treatments! Also if you would please pray for a friend of mine who is really going through a hard time right now. Thanks so much! Later taters!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Wiggly Exercise routine...

Without fail every day now we have Wiggles DVD time. Julia Grace got "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!" by the Wiggles for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa (and Chris & Jennifer and Christopher - had to exchange the last two). She loves this DVD! Julia Grace and I have started dancing to the Wiggles because it makes us feel like dancing! Ha!

Seriously - if you did all the dances, the Wiggles do in time to the music - holy cow! You would be in great shape! Julia Grace has 3 other Wiggles DVDs but she really gets into this one the most! She sings the "Ahhs" with the first song on it. But she loves Dr. Knickerbocker. She tries so hard to get the rhythm of the number 9! I'll have to make a video of it some morning because it's so cute! We'll sing it to her and say now we've got the rhythm of the number and she jumps and says NINE! Love it! In the meantime, the 4 devilishly handsome Wiggles are performing in attached YouTube style.

I have to say the Wiggles are great - I can't wait to see them on tour this year. Is that goofy of me to say? It's definitely in the plans for when they come through which doesn't appear to be until OH MY! Late summer or Fall ? Wow... They really do make great music that doesn't get on your nerves and I can definitely get behind these guys educationally as well! We love the Wiggles!

Oh and Julia Grace's other cute thing is she says "Wake up EFF!" We're still working on the "J".

I'm seriously going to bed now. I've had Dr. Knickerbocker in my head for 5 hours now. I danced to it 5 hours ago as well. The things we do for our kids! Yeah, that's it! :)



Those that know me well know that I am a coffee junkie. Addict. whatever. I love coffee. I prefer it sweet . Splenda does well and those little Equal tabs are okay but plain old sugar is awesome. I like flavors. Currently I have 5 different flavors of creamer in my fridge. No joke. They're all on the top shelf. In addition to this I have 4 different roasts of coffee in there as well. One day - when I have more counter space and some money to burn - I will have the cappuccino/espresso maker in my house and a coffee grinder. Is it sad that I dream of these things? Is it sad that I love coffee so much? I don't think so. It's healthy to have aspirations even if it's only for a better cup of coffee!

I love the smell of coffee. It's intoxicating to me. Forget wine or mixed drinks - give me a good coffee any day. I love the dessert coffees too - I really like Bailey's Irish Creme and coffee together. YUM! :) I can make do without the creamer in my coffee but I better have some sugar. I like strong coffee. And please don't disgrace the coffee with whipped cream. Really. What did the coffee ever do to you?

Okay. Now that you know about my coffee addiction, I think I should get back to work. Tracy drove 11 hours today. He ate dinner, did one BPO, and went to bed with Julia Grace. He's exhausted. He was down near my parents house in Walterboro and Yemassee today. Believe it or not - it snowed down there too but it didn't stick. It was snowing all of his day today until he left Yemassee at 6. It snowed here pretty good but it just never stuck the way it should. By the time Julia Grace woke for the day, we only had the same dusting we had when I woke at 3.30 a.m. I took pics (at 3.30 a.m. and at 9.30 a.m.)but I'll have to find the camera later and upload them. It was mixed with crunchy ice in our yard so it wasn't worth taking her out to play in it. We rode with Nana to some errands today and by the time we got home at 3 p.m. it was all melted and gone except the icicles hanging from our roof. Oh well. Maybe next time! Go have a good cup of coffee for me ! Good night everyone!

Scrap Giveaway

Feeding my need for scrapbooking:

Yes, I should be doing work and not looking at items of craftiness. :) Hehehe.

I've had coffee. Beware.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

last few Christmas pics

This is the proof that Makenzie actually sat in Edward's lap! (an uncommon occurrence)
Look at Julia Grace's pretty curls!! No, I do not curl her hair!

hehehe... Jimmy gave them thongs! No lie!

This is Julia Grace's "Are you kidding me?" look!

Nana with Julia Grace and Makenzie in her lap.

Julia Grace is so sleepy before heading home from Gigi's house.

These were in random places - the red dress with the big red bow were taken Granny's house in Asheville on Christmas Day evening. We still missed a few people at Christmas (I still have some presents to mail to Canada in my living room) and missed Carl & Bev's family. We just couldn't possibly be in all the different places this year - it was exhausting as it was. It was quite possibly the best Christmas with the kids yet though!

Christmas at Gigi's house (weekend after Christmas)

On the Sunday after Christmas we met my parents at MY Grandma's house for lunch and Christmas. We were trying to make sure we had a day together that wasn't rushed to be somewhere else. I have always enjoyed visiting my Grandma but it seems like such a long trip. We spent the night there when I was younger but over the years we started making a day trip out of it. Grandma goes to pick up my Aunt Elaine from her group home - Elaine is mildly retarded and cannot live on her own but can live in an assisted living home. She cannot cook - she doesn't comprehend enough directions and pay enough attention to be allowed to do things of this nature. Someone has to check on her and be sure she takes her medications. She did have a job working in their "warehouse" (not sure what work they do) and also Ruby Tuesday's until a few years ago. She would fold the napkins and silverware and help with the salad bar a few days a week. Those were great milestones for her - developmentally she has the mind of an 8 year old child. They have crafts and social activities too and I think it's been great for her to be in this setting. She lived at home with my Grandma until about 10 or so years ago. Maybe longer - I can't recall exactly when they looked for her a place to stay.

Anyhow - we spend a few Saturdays or Sundays a year making a day trip to visit Gigi who is in her 80's and my Aunt Elaine who is in her 60's. Gigi cooks for us and we have a great time talking and Julia Grace does a great job of entertaining! I wish my Papa was alive to meet Julia Grace and that she could have met him. He was in the Army and worked in a factory after this time. He smoked Lucky Strikes like there was no tomorrow but was considerate enough to go outside to smoke in his own home when they found out I was allergic to cigarette smoke as a child. He grew most of his own vegetables and I remember walking to the barn - well I called it a barn - didn't have animals. It was at the edge of one of his fields and in muscadine vines grew all over it and we used to go look for some to be ready to eat. It doesn't produce nearly what it did when he was still alive. I'm sure he tended to it some. He gave the greatest hugs but he was so rock-solid that it felt like hugging a tree literally! I remember he liked his coffee sweet (I do too!) and loved the hot peppers and anything pickled - yeah I think I get that from him too!

I will have to take pictures of my Grandma's house and put them up sometime. They have two swings on their front porch. Julia Grace and Mallory have always liked to swing on them just as I did when I was little and still do.

We had a great Christmas visit. Gigi made a bucket of cookies for each girl - Mallory got butterscotch chip cookies and Julia Grace got vanilla cookies. Each family got a bag of pecans that my Grandma went out and picked up from the ground and inspected herself. I'm sure that took her a better part of a day or two picking them up and sorting them by herself. She also sends a check each year for us to buy something from her for Christmas. The gifts we're unwrapping are the ones we bought to be from her - she still likes watching us open presents but has a hard time getting out shopping for everyone. Red Springs is a tee-niny town that doesn't even have a WalMart and has a catalog shopping center instead of the actual department stores. Here are the pictures! Mallory wasn't able to join us for this trip. Julia Grace's dress is a Ralph Lauren dress that's identical to one she wore her first Christmas. My parents bought it for her to wear to a Christmas party and for Christmas that year. Mom found it in a 2T on sale just before Christmas and we put it away until now. She looks so pretty in it! I love it!

Christmas Day in the morning...

This is the first Christmas Day morning that Mallory has spent with her dad since she was 1 year old. We had great fun opening presents and being silly. It was so nice to have the whole family together for the first time ever on Christmas Day!
Mallory's big present from us was the complete set of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Tracy wrote a letter to Mallory and included several photos of the coming package - hence the letter that says Warning! Do Not Enter! I think Mallory really enjoyed the letter to her from Santa Daddy.
See if you can spot the picture I mentioned in an earlier blog about Christmas Day - you know - the one where Julia Grace is looking like what just happened to me?
It was so great to be together at Christmas!

Julia Grace likes the Wiggles microphone!

Mallory is so hard to figure out sometimes - this is the Jonas Brothers book. I asked her if she wanted it several times out shopping... sometimes it was a yes, sometimes it was an I don't know... I told her Angie wanted it for Christmas and she giggled (yeah I know - it was a story but I was trying to get her to look at the book and talk about it!). Soooo... when she opened it Christmas Day - she laughed and said oh my gosh Daddy she told me she was getting it for ANGIE! I told her if she didn't like it I would give it Angie. I'm not allowed to give it to Angie. :) Which is good because I don't think JB is Angie's thing. Hehehe.

...even though you have the aroma of chicken...

Mallory's "Ultimate" Pokemon guide - she pointed that out and said I want that!! That wasn't hard to decide to buy!

The girls' stockings - Mallory picked hers out the very first Christmas we were in our house in 2005. We still have to upgrade to another stocking for Julia Grace - we have the basic red one and then 2 Baby's First Christmas stockings for her. The stuffed dogs are Mallory's and the Madeline and monkey are Julia Grace's. Julia Grace and Riley Pig got matching monkeys for Christmas - his is the boy version without a bow though. Steve might not like him getting a girly monkey!

I love this picture! Julia Grace is having a belly laugh and Mallory is checking out her Pokemon cards.

Julia Grace is checking out her newest George.

What on Earth just happened to me? I was in a warm bed and then I wasn't!

Fisher Price Nativity scene - Julia Grace loves it! We try to tell her who they are but I don't think it will become a really teachable moment for her until next year. She loved playing with it and she chewed on the cow's tail for some reason. I caught this on sale last year at Christian Supply and have been considering the additional sets that join it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long week...

It's been a long week, but a productive week. It is late and I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is the second half of Bob's BPO Boot Camp and we have lots of work to do at the first of the week. I am hoping it's a little more calm by mid-week next week.

Have lots of pictures to post of various things - Julia Grace loved Elmo (E-Mo) and mostly just looked around the place and smiled. She did stare long and hard at this little boy's light-up toy souvenir in front of us. She even leaned forward a few times and looked at it. I thought she was going to try and grab it. She never did though and I was proud. She tries so hard to sing Elmo's World too. Tracy bought her the same light-up toy as we were leaving. It was overpriced for what it was but you know, she was so good and didn't have a fit over it so I think she may have (for lack of a better word) earned it. He also bought her cotton candy which she tasted and said no, unh-uh when we tried to give it to her. Instead she fed it to me and Tracy, then wanted to play with the cone that held the cotton candy. Go figure!

It's cold and I'm going to get in my warm bed. More posts tomorrow when I'm home alone with Julia Grace while Tracy is at boot camp. Lucky him! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So tired and it's only Wednesday!

I have been trying to get rid of "stuff". Tracy and I have spent time in the attic getting things gone from there and making room for other things. We have "girl clothes" that the girls have outgrown but we may need down the road so we were putting them away. The Christmas tree and most Christmas things are in the attic. I still have some down in our bedroom that after I find a suitable box for them will go up in the attic as well.

Tracy's been several different directions for work this week- he has to get up early tomorrow and head to Greenwood before coming back this way to be in Gaffney in the afternoon for Bob's BPO boot camp set-up at Limestone.

Then tomorrow evening we're going to see ELMO LIVE! :) Or as Julia Grace has taken to saying this evening : E-MO. Used to be Eh-mo. Now it's E-Mo. I know she doesn't have a clue what we're talking about right now but we hope she loves it tomorrow night. We also hope that she doesn't try to join them onstage (my mom is the one that made the last mental imagery).

I am going to bed. I am beat. I have several things to do tomorrow but for the most part, Julia Grace and I can relax. She and I have nowhere to be until our evening with Daddy at ELMO. Maybe we'll just snuggle under the covers and jabber in the morning. I like that - I know she does. She's funny that way. She will pull the covers up to her chin and lie there and talk talk away to us. We have no idea what she's trying to say but it's starting to come together. I love it that she's trying to say names; she gets so excited over saying Mallory - Mah-ry! Sometimes Mah-uh-ry! Always excited though and it tickles us! Tracy has been working on Yes, No, and Maybe with her - so cute - they do the head nods and everything.

Alright... I am off to bed. We had a great evening with Mallory - Tracy and I cooked dinner together. He decided to make homemade mashed potatoes. That took longer than anticipated but had great results! Julia Grace ate two bowls of mashed potatoes and all the meat off one chicken leg. She had the first bowl of potatoes gone before we had all sat down and Mallory had said the blessing. She'll learn one day.

Have a good night or day - whichever it is when you read this!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cancer update

Mom had her chemotherapy and blood work done today. Her magnesium levels had been down for the last few weeks. The trial drug depletes her body of magnesium. She even had to go last Tuesday night to sit in the ER and have a magnesium infusion. This week the magnesium level was back up to a 1.6 and they prefer it to be a 1.7 so she's still taking extra Mag-Ox tablets. I didn't realize they didn't do a bone scan and so that's why she said there was no report on her bones. I thought she meant they just didn't tell her where that stood ( she thought they would be able to tell her about her bones too). No bone scan 'til the end though because she doesn't have bone cancer - they're concerned with the organs.

Her lung masses, as I said before, have shrunk a great deal. She got the results on her neck back today though AND there is NO sign of a tumor present! :) It appears to be gone and have left some scarring. The cancer had eaten part of her C2 vertebrae away and she will always have some neck pain and arthritis as a result. Did you get that though? The one in her neck pressing against her spine and base of her brain appears to be GONE!

And here's the funny part - we were talking about all the words Julia Grace is saying and about things going on in my day, my mom was lamenting missing her "nap" today during chemo, and that she had to shampoo her wig (that just sounds funny to me too). She FORGOT to tell us her good news! I'm so happy for her and hope she continues to do well! Thank you for everyone that prays for her and continue to keep her there!

Today has been a good day for many reasons and things are definitely looking great overall! I have to get back to my rearranging and sorting things to donate. Tracy will be gone during the day tomorrow for work and I have Bible study beginning tomorrow evening.I'm so happy about that - I love our ladies group! I may be back to post some more in the wee hours of the morning after J.G. has gone to sleep. I get more done that way sometimes! Later taters!

Tackling things one at a time...

I have tackled one big hurdle for today I think - just waiting on responses. I don't really want to talk about them until they happen because I am afraid I will jinx things. I've been working on this one since last summer and hadn't figured out how to make things work. Everything came up in the fall with Mallory and then my mom finding out she had cancer and I had to put things on hold. I think I'm ready to start tackling things and make life better for us. I know this year will be one of sacrifice in many ways for me but it will be worth it for our family in the long run.

Now it's off to tackle some housework - I have really torn the house apart (just ask anyone that lives here and they'll tell you) trying to reorganize and purge the house of things we just don't need taking up the space anymore. I mean really - last week I discovered we had 7 phone books in this house. Who needs SEVEN phone books? I sure don't! Rhonda took 2 off my hands to keep in their cars. Great idea but it still doesn't begin to handle all the phone books laying around this house! I recently reorganized the bookshelves and the kids have one bookshelf to themselves and we have another for more "adult" fare - things like our old schoolbooks we kept, finance books, Left Behind series, Twilight series and just other old favorites.

Ooooo and consignment sales are coming up in February- can't wait to get rid of some of these clothes and make some money. Tracy thinks I get into this way too much - but I really have one sale that I absolutely love doing and have done since the year Julia Grace was born. I even got paid to work there last fall! :) I know I'm goofy.

Off to finish reorganizing the closets and clean the kitchen - hope everyone is well. I will post again if I have time with Christmas pics from Red Springs with Gigi and Aunt Elaine and if my mom has anymore updates today. Today is a chemo day and more tests. Please pray for her as always. I also would ask for special prayer for Mallory as well - she goes back to the doctor on the 23rd about her wrist. Have a great day everybody! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things are going...

I have a lot on my plate (figuratively speaking, not literally). I have some decisions to make this week and lots to do. I think this year won't be an easy year for our family but it will hopefully be a landmark year when we look back.

I have been blessed with a good husband, wonderful, silly daughters, and a roof over our heads. We have food in our fridge (hey, it's not caviar and crab legs or anything but it will do for now!) and warm beds to sleep in at night. We have entertainment in its own silly form in this house. We laugh, we dance, we draw, we color, we bounce balls around the house and off of each other. We sing, we stomp, we tickle, we watch elmo and the wiggles and curious george and random other movies. we read and play board games (no, allison, that's not BORED games - i know you're not a fan there). While we don't have cable - oh my gosh - yes, there are still rabbit ears on our TV and yes, we've ordered our converter box coupons - we have plenty of entertainment in this house that's for sure. and best of all, it is free. I'm all about free happiness.

Tonight, I hung out with the girls while Daddy went to watch the Panthers have their you-know-whats handed to them. The girls watched Aristocats and had butterscotch chip cookies that Gigi had made for Mallory (my grandmother - mallory calls her Grandma and the closest we get with Julia Grace is Gigi because she calls my mom Grandma or well "Am-ma"). Mallory wrote thank you notes and addressed the ones that I knew addresses for off the top of my head - she wrote them from the whole family. We had cheeseburger macaroni Hamburger Helper for dinner - I know, basic but it made us happy. Tracy is not so much a fan of that flavor so we had it while the daddy was away. We talked about lots of random things and it was nice to just have an evening at home with the girls. Mallory was super sleepy, went to go to bed, and when I got there to tuck her in, Julia Grace had snuggled into the bed with her. That didn't last long. 30 minutes later a sleepy Mallory opened the bedroom door and said she doesn't want to sleep in here anymore. It was sweet while it lasted. Mallory of course went right back to sleep. Julia Grace, unfortunately, got a second wind and played with her kitchen while watching "Eh-mo" in Grouchland.

On another note, my mom got some of her reports back on Friday and the masses in her lung have both shrunk but no change was noted on one on her liver. She doesn't know about her bones or her neck yet. They told her they would either have the rest late Friday (she didn't hear anything) or they would be at the office in time for her appointment on Monday, hopefully. We are planning a trip to see them the last weekend of the month.

And next week will be a busy week for many different reasons - too numerous to really explain or post at the moment. I'll just tell you as it comes. Bob's BPO Boot camp is next Friday and Saturday at Limestone College and that always keeps us busy - and the whole office. Tracy is doing his very own presentation on their Central Business Console (CBC) that he's done the work on and integrated for Shelton Properties to all the attendees. I told Mallory we have to get him a haircut and something pretty to wear. well, you know. not really pretty but that's what we say when Daddy has to dress up for work. :)

Keep praying for us - lots of decisions, lots of things to come in the next few weeks that will make a big difference in the long run. Hope everyone is well and if you want me to add anything to our prayers specifically let me know!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today is a new day...

Yup, You got that right. Although, it is nearly 2 a.m. and I should be sound asleep. I have a busy day planned tomorrow and I hope to be quite productive as well. I can't really disclose everything I have planned. Well, no, I take that back I could but then I wouldn't sound NEARLY as dramatic as some OTHER people on their blogs. Hehe. WoOtWoOt. Yeah. Need sleepy like whoa.

I could disclose to you but alas, I'd rather not. Boring really. Just say lots of prayers that the Haynes family has a fruitful day and that my mom's test results come in and that they're good. And these things being said, I know that even if the day is bad, it's exactly where God meant for me to be. And that's alright too.

Everyone have a good day! I'm going to get a few hours of sleep and get going!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

where have you been?

where have you been? I've been blah. We all have had a cold in the last week. Julia Grace and I have been getting caught up on sleep. I scrapbooked some last weekend and we had dinner and Christmas presents with Dan and Angie.
We missed Jayne and Steve when they were here (the whole 26 hours they were in town). They got here about 3 a.m. Saturday morning and left about 5 a.m. Sunday morning. We're going to catch up with them in March when they come back down from Canada.

I apparently will have to finish blogging later. And uploading pics will have to wait for sure. Julia Grace is very "in my space" the last few days. I sat down to the computer and she climbed in my lap. She has put the Elmo game (that was Mallory's at this age!) on the keyboard and I have to move it to finish my sentence. I'm going to play with Julia Grace. This will have to wait 'til naptime.

Hope everyone out there is well!

Please pray for my mom. She had her scans yesterday and should get results starting tomorrow.

I will post more when I can!