Tuesday, March 11, 2008

big changes!

I haven't had time to write in a bit. I am slacking on this New Year's resolution.

We're about to make some big changes in general (no, I'm not pregnant). We are going to be redoing our house - painting, finishing up a linen closet, more painting, possibly re-carpeting, new look in the bathroom. That's just the beginning. We won't be moving to a bigger house for at least 3 more years I would say, so we're going to make what we do have a lot better! In the yard - whoa. yeah... it's getting scraggly back there. There are a lot of things I would like to do back there to make it more kid friendly. Mallory kicks her soccer ball around back there a good bit (and over the neighbors fence) but there's really nothing for Julia to do back there. Plus it's the time of year we need to go ahead and treat for ants before they come back & get out of hand.

I also hope to completely redo my blogger page and add some pictures, tickers, headers, etc. I'm working away on my scrapbook for Julia. I'm trying to get her first year of life done before she turns 2! In my defense, I did not start scrapbooking or learn this stuff until the month before Julia was 1. So there!

We have so much to do - I'm trying to peck away at it slowly. I'll try to be better about updates!

See ya soon!