Monday, December 31, 2007


A NEW YEAR is upon us...

and I need to get busy. :)

Resolution 1 - get those pics you've all asked me for up on my blog and write a blog at least weekly (baby steps y'all baby steps!).

Resolution 2 - get organized - you laugh. I heard you! You over there! I HEARD YOU!! I meant that one. Really.

Some of you know, it was painful and hard, but I finally let some relationships go. Sometimes you put forth effort repeatedly, and you realize it's not meant to be anymore. I know that's a pretty somber thought. It's a sobering thought. Just because you share a blood line or shared many years together doesn't mean it's healthy for you or those involved around you to pursue it any longer . You remember the good times and cherish those, but you move on.

This all aside, we are well. I'd say we're healthy but we're all overweight except ms. Julia Grace. She's a skinny minnie because she'd rather run than stop to eat! We're going to work on that one too - well, us getting skinny and getting some chub on that precious baby girl.

God has great plans for our New Year - I know He has great plans for yours as well. I have many blessings and many talents. I have not used my gifts wisely - in fact, in the words of my mother, I have wasted my God-given talents by not using them. I feel it is time to step up and find a greater use for me in God's realm. This means in many areas - one being that I've always felt called to volunteer and help those around me. Another is my talents in the arts - I have squandered that talent in the pursuit of other things - I know that it is still there and it is up to me to put it to good use again. I hope you will pray for me in this time.

I leave you with some pictures of Julia we had made at Sears just prior to Christmas. She's getting so big. I feel so overwhelmed some days. I know that I am loved every day that I look into her eyes and that I'm doing just fine. That smile tells me so.