Thursday, June 28, 2007

Julia is trying to stand in the sand - no she didn't eat it!
oooooh... water! I'll go get it!

Julia still didn't eat it! She just raked it and squished it in her hands.

This is Julia getting ready for the beach. Yes, that IS a toothbrush in her mouth! They said it was the only thing that would get her to sit still and get ready. I guess she was brushing her about-to-be-here teeth!

Julia went to the beach with my parents last week. We took her in her stroller over Memorial Day weekend, but she actually got to sit down in the ocean this time. This picture was taken afterwards when they were leaving the beach.
Julia liked the beach and my parents said she fussed a little when they put her back in the stroller. Like usual though, she was over that as soon as someone started pushing her. She's good in the stroller as long as someone's pushing - she thinks if it stops, she should get out or you should get going AGAIN!
I'll post more this evening. I'm trying to find my pictures of Mallory from Memorial Day and of the soccer championship!
Later taters

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Because I am a goober...

I have not posted because until just now, I had forgotten the sequence of passwords to get me here. I finally took the time today to get the passwords recovered (and now have the passwords logged somewhere).

You know, it does get hard to keep up with 4 email addresses of my own, a myspace, a message board, and then help manage the work email accounts too (it doesn't help that whenever anyone quits, Bob gets gung-ho and changes all the passwords AGAIN!).

Where we are now....
I pretty much am a stay at home mom. I do a little work for a few of Bob's companies but really, it's a once every 2-3 weeks I get a check myself and the work takes me about 1 day a week (if I put the hours together) to complete it. So... Julia and I have thrown ourselves into the stay-at-home-mom and baby pool. It's fun so far. We're all about free activities right now though!

Julia goes to a play class and a music class 2 times a week right now (mondays and tuesdays) and we recently found a new group of babies and mamas to hang out with on a regular basis.

Mallory just completed soccer camp at USC-Upstate last week and is going to Vacation Bible School again this week. I hadn't even gotten to post that our team won the soccer championship. Tracy and Mallory were ecstatic over this as you would expect! Tracy was their coach and is very happy with the great job his "soccer girls" did this season - some of them came so far in their game! Mallory went to camp last week with 3 other girls from last season's team. As of now, she's going to a church soccer camp at the end of the summer in August.

We've been here, there and everywhere it seems. We've been in Hilton Head often visiting my family lately, but we're going to visit some of Tracy's family in Asheville this next weekend and !yay! Mallory is going with us!

I will upload pictures later on this evening and try not to be so slack about putting stuff here. I told all kinds of people about this and then I, the slacker as usual, did not post. But I have my ducks in a row (and passwords!) and will be back!

Later taters!