Friday, September 14, 2007

I just want calmness. no drama.

Why do people think they don't have to answer questions? Why do they look you in the eye and acknowledge what you say but ignore your original question at the same time? Why can't we just have straight answers? Why not a simple yes or no in the beginning? why some long drawn out unnecessary, answer and drama weeks after the original question was asked? Why does it take asking 6 times to get answers? "I don't know, that sounds familiar, I don't think we have plans, but i'll get back to you, potentially we have plans"... all of that gets OLD! I can just about write the script by now. Maybe I should just start saying the answers out loud and we can have a chorus!

I don't ask many things. Coordinating family events is a job in itself sometimes. A thankless job nonetheless. I have too much going on for drama. Julia has too much going on, Tracy has too much going on, Mallory has too much going on. simple, concise, direct answers would be nice. I don't require much. It seems to some that I do, but in reality I don't. And other people need to grow up and realize just how much they inconvenience people with their indecisiveness and only hurt children in the process.

I've vented and now I'll get back to other stuff.

Julia's birthday party pics to come and more. just can't bring myself to do anything else tonight.