Monday, September 22, 2008

Making Blankets...

Last Monday, September 15 I read an article on 5 minutes for mom ( Long story short - a little boy was born and had many complications in his short, 2 year old life. While in the ICU he received a blanket that seemed to truly comfort him. They were what I know as tie blankets - the blankets you make with 2 pieces of fleece and cut & tie knots to make a fringe around it. My friend Angie and I made one for Julia Grace's bed last year during the winter.

I guess what I remember most is that when Julia Grace was born she had to stay in the NICU for 9 days. When she was at Greenville Memorial they gave her a small blanket and a hat that had been made by a ladies group. While the hospitals lost the blanket en route from Greenville Memorial to Spartanburg Regional, we still have the little hat. I know the little things like this were a sweet thing for someone to have done for all these little ones and Julia Grace spent her first 2 weeks of life with that little crocheted hat on her head. I think it's the little things that make times like that more bearable.

So my immediate thought after reading the challenge put out by 5 minutes for mom was I can do that. I've already made one and it would be a great thing to do. Someone had the thought to do it before my child was born and would be great to give back like that. The program at current only benefits hospitals in the Connecticut and Pennsylvania areas and that's okay. The challenge put out there by 5 minutes for mom was to make as many as possible by October 14 and send them to this family business where they then supply them to the hospitals where their son was treated in his brief life.

This Saturday, Mallory and I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out fabric for 2 baby sized blankets - we got enough to make two "girl" blankets. Mallory picked out the pooh fabric and decided the purple matched the best for the back to her. So we went with Mallory's pick - it was a good one - I liked the green or lighter pink to go with it, but purple went well so purple it was.
She insisted that she did not want to be in pictures but we could take pictures of our handywork. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not much of one to be in the pictures either. I like the other side of the camera! HA! So I'm following with our pics of materials before and after. We completed one blanket. I'm going to make the second one today. Mallory wants to make 2 boy blankets the next time she's here. I think it's awesome that she's so thoughtful and wants to help with it.

This is getting long, but I did want to throw in there to please continue to pray for my mom. She was having a good day yesterday and definitely in good spirits. I'll be going to visit her very soon. Thanks for your prayers!


Amanda said...

What a great thing to do for someone else! When Savannah was in the NICU at Richland Memorial(where she was taken 10 hours after she was born) we had to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. When we checked in we were given a quilt made from a cloth baby book by a local quilting bee right there in Columbia. That quilt is so special to me, and I always tear up when I look at it! It was such a precious gift, and I know that someone else will think the same when they receive yours!