Monday, November 10, 2008

About that 10 things to do post...

Well, it is more like 2 weeks later. When I said my to-do list for a week, I had not planned on Mallory coming down with mono and throwing up all weekend and a hospital stay the next Monday through Wednesday for her. Taking care of a to-do list got pushed a little back needless to say.
I think I (we in some instances) have done well with it.
1. I finished Julia's chipboard letters for the bedroom.
2. I not only finished knitting my scarf, I started and completed one for Mallory as well. :)
3. Did not make it to reorganizing the entertainment center.
4. I did sort clothes a bit more, but mostly spent the time allotted for sorting clothes to sterilizing the house after Mallory went back to her mom's
5. I did get a few things of mine and Tracy's weeded out, but nowhere near completion.
6. cupcakes - no, I haven't made the cupcakes yet. I was going to make them Halloween weekend but since poor Mallory was having trouble keeping things down, I didn't make them. I did tell her that the next time she is over (and well) we'll make them together.
7. I didn't do anything to the website listings because they were all caught up to start with - who knew? :)
8. Folders - I am still behind. I need an afternoon in the office without Julia Grace in tow to complete this.
9. We did pick out a color of paint for the bathroom. And I purchased it. AND Tracy started painting that night and got all but 1 wall done on Election Night. The 1 wall isn't done bc we have to decide what to do with the hideous medicine cabinet/light above the sink. Optimal is a mirror and different kind of lighting but those things cost extra $$$ and we've yet to find anything we really like that doesn't cost several hundred $$.
10. I bought some flowers. Not done with picking them out though and they need to get in the ground this week.

So I don't guess that's too bad. Better than I thought we'd get done - further on some things, not as far as I'd like on others. We'll see how it goes this week. :)