Thursday, November 19, 2009

Madeline doll giveaway

Anybody that knows our sweet Julia Grace knows she's really got some favorite characters and she's super attached. The Big Ones (in no particular order) are:

  1. Curious George - one of her first words was "George".
  2. Wonder Pets - this is a fairly recent one and she sings/hums their songs all the time.
  3. Wiggles - we LOVE the Wiggles!
  4. Blue's Clues - or in this house - " A clue a clue - I want to watch a CLUE!"
  5. Madeline - forever she was known here as Mad-a-NINE! She is a favorite of my almost 10 year old stepdaughter, Mallory, too.
  6. Elmo - of course!
  7. Clifford
  8. Veggie Tales
  9. Bear in the Big Blue House
  10. Thomas the Train

I know there isn't much girly material in there. Julia Grace likes what she likes I suppose. We love the classy, yet funny, antics and learning manners there are in the Madeline books and DVDs. Julia Grace really learns a lot from all of these shows though. She's learned so much just from Curious George and Blue's Clues. The Wiggles really stimulate her love of music and we all like the Wiggles in our house even if the grandparents aren't too keen on them! The Wonder Pets have become a recent favorite and she wakes up singing their songs and asking to watch "Won' Pets!" .

I've been given links to the following contests in the last few days and I wanted to share them with you if you like these characters too. One is an entry to win a talking Madeline doll designed for her 70th anniversary for Toys R Us by KidsPreferred. This giveaway is being offered by The Art of Being Mom .

Another giveaway is given by the crew at 5 minutes for mom which has always been a favorite of mine to read for reviews, giveaways, and just total - hey-I-identify-with-that-totally! :) Their link to the Wiggles giveaway for a "Wiggly Christmas" which is a WHOLE lot of Wiggles stuff is here: A Very Wiggly Christmas!

Go check them out and check out more than their giveaways while you're at it - you'll be pleasantly surprised. You might be hooked and come back as often as I do! Good luck on the giveaways!


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