Saturday, July 7, 2007

4th of July!

Julia is loving on her baby doll before we head back to Asheville!

Julia did not want to sit still for a 4th of July pic!

We went to visit our family in Asheville for the 4th of July holiday. We actually stayed more than just the holiday but I only have pictures from July 4th.

We went swimming at a recreation center in Waynesville, NC. It was all indoors and had a regular, olympic size pool, but then it also had a huge kiddie pool that went from 1 ft. deep to 4 ft. deep. The kiddie pool also had a huge indoor water slide. Everyone had fun at the pool including Julia and her cousin, Makenzie, who is only 6 months old! Julia isn't scared of anything - she kept trying to drink the pool water and kicked and splashed up a storm! I have pictures of Mallory, Tracy, and our cousins Madison and Doug going down the slide. Tracy and Doug were trying to see who could make the biggest splash at the end - still not sure who won that one!

After this we went to their friend, Ann's new place by Lake Junaluska. We basically had a picnic dinner. Julia was sitting in the floor "talking" to Makenzie, but crawled off as soon as I got the camera out to take a photo. We tried to take some pictures of her before we left Ann's house but that didn't work out too well (she didn't want to be still - she wanted down on the ground again). Mallory stayed at the lake and watched fireworks there with our family, while Tracy and I took Julia back to Asheville and we went with Jimmy and Madison to watch fireworks in Asheville. As usual, Julia wasn't scared of a thing! She laughed and smiled and watched the fireworks. She would jump a little if it was a big BOOM! She never got upset by the noise though! She laid upside down in her daddy's lap watching them.

It was a really long day but it was a fun day. Several of us woke up with summer colds the next morning (Julia included). Most of us slept well after such an eventful day!

Well, I'm out of here. My parents will be here soon today! Later taters.