Saturday, July 7, 2007

The rest of 4th of July pictures!

The end to our July 4th evening - Julia and I went home and straight to bed afterwards!
Julia makes herself comfy on her "Da!" for fireworks! (that's Madison in the background with her dad).

Super cool kiddie pool at the Waynesville Recreation Center - we all went there on July 4th.

Mallory swimming off after making a splash!

Giant water slide at the indoor kiddie pool - Julia wasn't big enough yet, but Mallory, Tracy and Madison and Doug were! Here comes Mallory in this one!

She's trying to figure out how to splash the water through the float thing - it's coming through that orange netting on the float.

Julia loves the pool (and we borrowed Makenzie's float since she was tuckered out first!).

I had some difficulties uploading pics after the first two in my last post. I decided to give it another try this evening.

My parents have Julia with them for the evening - yay, Tracy and I got to go have nice dinner by ourselves! But I do miss my little girl even though it's just one night at the Holiday Inn about 3 miles from my house... I don't know what to think when I don't wake up to her smiling face propped up on the crib jabbering away or her crying to get in bed with us (because she is ROTTEN). But she's still so sweet!

I'm going to go get stuff for breakfast in the morning. Catch ya later taters.