Saturday, October 13, 2007


With the holidays right around the corner, I'm starting to get prepared. I've never made a huge deal about holidays in our house and I've not really decorated so much (aside from the Christmas tree that was up from, yes, December to July - Julia liked to look at it while in her swing and we just got lazy and left it b/c she liked it so).

So I know it's a little late to decorate for Halloween - probably won't bother - just do fall harvest sorta things - that can last for Thanksgiving. But she's starting to get big enough to remember and notice things. It's been hard to really nail down any "family traditions" with me, Tracy, and Mallory - everything is so unpredictable with when Mallory will actually be around. But I feel like it's time to do that for Julia. Well, like with my mom and dad - we always put the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Mallory is almost never here that day - but I'm starting to think we need to make a traditional day to do it. I need to make traditions for Julia. And hopefully, Mallory will be able to participate in these "traditions".

I'm working on some things for Thanksgiving and some things for Christmas. I don't have many ideas yet. I may have Thanksgiving dinner for dinner on Thanksgiving - I'm really not sure how this year will play out for us. Asheville people are supposed to come to my in-laws for Thanksgiving and we changed it to where Mallory alternates Thanksgiving Day with her mom and dad - this will be her first year ALL DAY with us. I think this will work out so much better and make Mallory ultimately more happy for this holiday in the long run.

I missed taking Julia to Christmas parades last year so I'm hoping to make it up this year. There are so many more things for her to do this year - it makes me start feeling like a little kid again.

I will post fall pictures tomorrow from our Apple Farm trip and do a short blog of birthday pictures.

Hopefully I will get some Halloween pictures this week with her Piglet costume on her - but don't hold your breath. She doesn't like the hood with the Piglet ears - she likes the costume if you pull the hood down the back. oh well. We'll work on it!

Catch you later taters!