Friday, October 5, 2007

Since we last met...

Soccer season is underway - we're losing and I'm not sure what else to say about that. I think Mallory tries hard most days - except when she assists the other team with their goals. *sheesh* It does get nerve-wracking even for the girls.

Julia and Mallory went to the apple farm with our MOMS group. Julia got her first pumpkin and rode her first hayride - she didn't want to let the pumpkin go (less than a week and it's going bad already though). She also kept trying to pull out the hay and eat it. I was convinced I had birthed a monkey up 'til that point. Now I'm not so sure.

I'm so behind. I still have birthday pics to post. I now have Apple Farm pics to post.

Julia has 5 teeth now, about to be 7. She's gotten 3 of the teeth since her first birthday - and really reaaallly likes what you have on your plate WAY better than hers. Not sure I blame her. Some of the toddler food isn't so bad though.

She finally weighed 20 lbs. on September 6th. Only took 4 months to gain a full 2 lbs. and she eats like a PIG! We went to Hardee's this evening and got 2 pc. chicken strip combos for the kids. Julia ate almost as much as Mallory did. Astounding and by the morning - she'll be back to her tiny 20 lbs as usual.

Mallory lost another tooth. She's proud of being all snaggly! She's doing well in school again this year so far. She's one smart cookie - God has truly blessed her in the smarts section. She's doing 2 dance classes and AYSO. We talked about trying out Upward Basketball this evening - not sure if that will fly by her mom though. We'll see - it falls between soccer seasons so it wouldn't add really anything.

Tracy totaled his truck. All pics of that are on myspace - if you haven't seen it/can't see it there, let me know. I don't want to repost that. It wasn't his fault - a lady pulled out in front of him and he flipped his truck trying to avoid hitting her. He's lucky to be alive is what many have said. It certainly puts a new perspective on life as we know it here.

And me. I really have nothing new to add. Well, I'm membership vice pres. for our moms group. I'm adjusting to that - it's good for me and Julia - lots of interaction with other moms and children. Very different from any organization I've been involved with before. I'm also finding out what true friends are - and finding ones I thought were my friends weren't so much. So I'm putting my focus where things should be. I'm rekindling what needs rekindling and setting aside what is beyond hope - perhaps hope isn't a good word. beyond being what it once was. I have some good friends I've just neglected. I hope they believe me when I say I was a doofus. Wanna get some coffee? :) or perhaps a Dew?

Anyways. I'm excited about this month. Halloween is fast approaching. Julia will be Piglet. Mallory will be something - its a work in progress - it's pretty, but Mallory doesn't want to be a "bad guy". I'm sure her mom will come up with something - it is a pretty costume. To be revealed at a later date when Mallory is happy or Halloween, whichever is first!
More scrapbooking - it's becoming addictive. Halloween shindig at Dan and Angie's - can't wait! Jay Clifford @ Orange Peel? we'll see ! October also starts FEELING like my favorite times of year - fall and winter - I really just like the holidays and cold weather and fall leaves. Pumpkin pies and coffee don't hurt a dang thing either!

You guys have a good night - lots of pics to post later.

later taterz.


*Jess* said...

When's Jay Clifford playing and when??? I'll go with you!!!!