Thursday, January 3, 2008


I can't sleep. My ears hurt and crackle and pop. Julia is squirmy because I am squirmy. She's developed this habit of propping her feet up on me in the middle of the night - usually her feet are on my chest unless she's dug down and snuggled up with her back to me. I got out of bed in the hopes that she might not be so squirmy anymore and that maybe sitting upright would be better for my head. I can breathe better, so that's progress. I just can't sleep.

I have had an earache since 4 a.m. on January 1. I have slept an awful lot since then. Tracy has been really awesome and gone to the grocery store for me. He's come home and cooked for the last 3 days. He hasn't cleaned up after himself, but I can't fault him. He gets that from his daddy - I cooked, you do dishes. :) And we've had yummy dinners. He really likes to cook and try new things. This has come in handy in the last few days.

I was hoping to feel well enough to take Julia to Gymboree today. We haven't been since before Christmas. It's been hectic around here and she went to spend several days with Grandma and Grandpa in Bluffton. Perhaps come 12:30 I'll feel a little more up to it. My ears do seem to bother me less if I'm in the upright position.

Mallory's birthday is this Friday, January 4. She will be 8. It doesn't seem like it. I remember her about to be 3 and running around my "compartment" (apartment for those that don't speak 3 year old) naked with my Tigger slippers on her feet. Boy that was a site to see! I do have a hard copy (or 4 or 5) of that printed from my old Advantix camera. If I can find one and scan it for you, I will. Great things to keep on hand for embarassing Mallory later in life - future boyfriend - this is as close to naked as you will see her or you die. Hahaha. Boy I need sleep.

Here is a recent pic of Mallory from her Sears visit (with her mom and brother):

Tracy said - pretty good for not even liking the dress. Mallory was particular about this dress. Tracy actually met Leah at the mall for Mallory to try it on before it was bought. I thought it was cute - it is red corduroy with a Santa and his reindeer smock plate. Mallory, however, thinks she is too old for this - her words were - it's like my mom wants me to be 5 or something. Because she's OH SO far from 5 years old now. But we all knew these days would come and so they have. She still looks cute in it - just wish she had her glasses on so she wasn't so squinty. Still a good pic.

On that note, I guess I'll go clean my kitchen. He did put up the leftovers. I have to give props for that. Pray for my ears that they feel better soon (hopefully without a visit to Dr. Thomas - that costs money you know).

I guess at this point, I should say I hope you have a good day - it's 5 a.m. Whoa! :)