Thursday, January 3, 2008

Many desire...few do.

I read this blog early yesterday.

It has echoed in my head since then.

The following is an excerpt from a man's blog,whom I met while at North Greenville College (now University folks) the first time I went, and who is now a pastor of a huge church in Charlotte, NC. He was a student at the time, and spoke often in our chapel services. I would not say I knew him personally, yet his words even as a student spoke volumes to me then.

He is Steven Furtick and here is the excerpt which has stuck in my head since reading it yesterday:

Trust God with a unique and extraordinary faith this year.
Do the things that few do.
12 spies took inventory of the Promised Land.
All of them desired to go in.
Only 2 were willing to fight for it.
Only 2.
See what I’m saying?
Many desire…Few do.


photographer2012 said...

hey Tracey, I hope you are feeling better! I know how it feels to be sick. God bless.