Friday, February 15, 2008

50 Things to Know About Me...

I saw this a while back on several friends' blogs and I have meant to do this.

I think I can think of 50 things. I had one friend that went back and posted ANOTHER 50 about him the next day (wow is all I can say Jed!). I'm not sure I could do that! So here goes and in no order of importance:

  1. I have a sister who is 11 years and 363 days older than me.
  2. I was the worst birthday present she ever got in her whole life. ;)
  3. I have a nephew who is almost 9 years younger than me and a neice who is 11 years younger than me.
  4. I love the color navy blue.
  5. I love any shade of purple second best.
  6. I am not a big fan of pink - if I own/wear anything pink - you should be surprised.
  7. I love lasagna.
  8. I love mexican food almost as much as lasagna.
  9. I like hot and spicy foods.
  10. I am afraid of needles and razors.
  11. I really don't like to see blood.
  12. I watched Alfred Hitchcock with my parents when I was younger - could the needles, razors, and blood (oh my!) have anything to do what that fact? I think yes.
  13. I really like to read true crime books.
  14. I hate romantic fru-fru books (no thank you Nora Roberts).
  15. I hate opera music - and yes, I gave it a chance when I went to Converse.
  16. I went to Converse College for 3 years.
  17. I went to North Greenville College (university now) for 3 years.
  18. I have no college degree.
  19. I am 1 1/2 years (perhaps less) away from both a business degree and a biology degree - as in 2 separate 4 year degrees that have NOTHING to do with each other.
  20. I don't know that I want to complete either of those degrees now. :(
  21. I met one of my best friends at North Greenville - Andrea.
  22. I really got to know one of my other best friends while at Converse College - Angie (see? something good did come out of college attempts).
  23. I worked for Bi-Lo for almost 9 years.
  24. I worked at Barnes & Noble for 2 1/2 years of those 9 at Bi-Lo.
  25. I worked for 3 other grocery chains briefly as well - Harris Teeter (3 months), Winn-Dixie (1 summer when I got desperate for a job), and as an assistant manager at Ingles (3 months and I ran far, far away). I was hired at Fresh Market but never started.
  26. I don't recommend working in grocery stores to anyone.
  27. I was a member of Boiling Springs First Baptist from 1990 until 1996.
  28. I attended Second Presbyterian Church (across from Wofford) from 1996 until 1998 with someone who shall not be named at this time.
  29. I was a member of Powdersville First Baptist Church in Powdersville/Easley for 5 years. 1999-2003.
  30. I was baptised 2 times - once by sprinkling at Second Presbyterian and by good ol' immersion at Powdersville First Baptist. ask me about that some time!
  31. I go to an awesome church now (since 2004) called Hope Point Community Church - www. !
  32. I won 4th place in the state Beta club spelling competition my senior year of high school - that's a really nerdy fact for you.
  33. I still love biology, zoology, and science in general, but I'm not sure what I'd ever do with a degree in it.
  34. I hate chemistry and calculus and that was a big hiccup in that ol' Biology degree.
  35. I have done many things I would not like to revisit, but God is good and I am forgiven.
  36. I have been married for 4 years,2 months, & 11 days.
  37. I am married to a wonderful fellow named Tracy - yes, it's true Tracy and Tracey.
  38. I dated him my senior year in high school.
  39. I have a stepdaughter, Mallory, who is 8.
  40. I have a DAUGHTER, Julia Grace, who is 1 1/2.
  41. I play several instruments : clarinet, trumpet, baritone (euphonium) and guitar.
  42. I am not sure I would say I play any well since I've not practiced in a while. However, there are 1 of each of those in my house right now (actually, 2 clarinets, 1 trumpet, 1 marching baritone that needs to go back to NGU, and 2 guitars).
  43. I was a band nerd. I still am at heart.
  44. I like Nintendo games - any Mario or MegaMan.
  45. I still have my Atari 7800 pro-system and it works.
  46. I broke my leg in the 5th grade on Christmas day - brand, new 10 speed bicycle and I fell off of it.
  47. I went to Mrs. Mabry's Busy Day daycare from 2 1/2 to 12 years of age.
  48. I used to be able to draw really well. It's a talent I am wasting and trying to pick up again.
  49. I think this was easier than I thought. maybe I will do 50 more.
  50. I love theatre, but I HATE real-life drama. save it for the stage, sister!

Wow. That was easier than I thought. I already have thoughts for another 50, but not today. I have company coming this weekend and I need to get prepared. Tracy is working all day in Gaffney at Bob Shelton's BPO boot camp - it's sort of a big deal. . I guess we'll see him this evening when they get done.

Take care and I'll post again this evening.


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