Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day ...

The girls will get theirs next week when Mallory is here. We had a pre-Valentine's dinner with the kids on Tuesday at Fuji because it was Mallory's last night at our house this week.

Tracy made me a valentine on his computer. If you know how our desks are set up, this is funny. My desk is right beside his - I had no clue he was making it. He had turned his monitor towards him - I really thought he was just playing free cell again. And then he got up and said, well, I'm off to the shower and our printer started printing. The printer is on my desk - so he's in the bathroom by the time it prints out and I realize what it is. It was awfully sweet.

We had agreed not to get each other anything this week for specific reasons. He went to the office to pick up his check for the week and came home with new cell phones for both of us. Now, if you know us, you know ours are beat up, his wasn't even holding a charge, and we were both overdue for upgrades. He didn't bother to tell me that he got an extra check at work for a clean-out we did on a house in November. He got us matching phones that have EVERYTHING on it. I was surprised to say the least. He's been planning this for close to 2 weeks without my knowledge. He got a really good deal and they're neat phones. His is silver and mine is "champagne". I'm excited more about the mp3 player on it than anything I think. I'm such a music junkie.

We went to Monterrey's for dinner last night with 2 people I hope we'll be seeing more of in the future. Julia had a fit the first half of the meal - she wasn't done with her late nap and only wanted me. They got Julia a Curious George book and a Veggie Tales coloring book for Julia and were sweet enough to pay for our dinner. I enjoyed it. I think we all did. So we had a pretty good evening too.

Hope you had a good Valentine's Day!!