Friday, May 9, 2008


I said I'd blog more in March.

And here it is May.


There has been a great deal going on to keep us all busy. We've traveled a lot for work lately and spent 5 days in Hilton Head in the last month. We went for work and to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday.

Later this weekend, I'll post pics of the kids from Easter and a few other events. I hope to be working on the yard this weekend too. It's still scraggly - you see, I didn't just neglect my blog, we neglected the yard too. Well, actually, the yard has been cut twice, so that's progress, right?

There are some opportunities that I hope will come to fruition in June. I thought they would happen in May, but we'll see when June gets here if it happens then. I can't wait for school to be out and take the girls places for the summer. Tracy's cousin, Will, is getting married June 29 in Lynchburg, VA and we'll be travelling to Virginia for that. Hopefully, we can squeeze in seeing some other things in the area before we come back home too. Excited about the wedding and to meet Meghan, Will's lady (he didn't like the words fiancee and betrothed at Christmas).

Mallory has her dance recital coming up soon and soccer tournament is in a week. Tracy is coaching again this spring. Julia Grace has learned to dribble the soccer ball whether she truly knows what that is or not! She's such a ham! I sneezed today and she looked at me, squinched her eyes shut - then nodded her head and said "Choo!". Then she laughed at me. Nice, eh? :) She's also learned to eat Goldfish and chips out of the bag like Mallory did at about that age. I found her sitting on our bed, eating Goldfish by the handful a few days ago. It made me think about Mallory and her Papa Eddie's "schips" (yes that's an 'S' in front - sounds like a drawn-out ships). Then 2 days after the Goldfish incident, Julia found her Papa Eddie's bag of chips on the table and took them in their bedroom, climbed on the bed, and sat down to eat them. Oh my!

I have much more to post, but lots to do this Friday afternoon. I want to get as much done today so maybe we can take it easy on Saturday after the game. If you're reading, and you're around, come on out and see Mallory play! Shoot me an email for details (this is the internet after all!).

Have a beautiful day!