Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bye Bye Saturn!

Yes, I know. It technically belonged to Papa. I know I mentioned that Tracy had a wreck in the Saturn that we had been driving for a few years. They decided to "total" the car and had said they'd come get it for weeks. In fact, they picked it up on Monday which was a month after the wreck.

I got up early and cleaned everything out of the inside and Tracy cleaned out the trunk. Every time we had mentioned that the Saturn would have to go soon, Mallory would say, I really like that car.

It had so many things going wrong with it before the wreck. And then the wreck happened. To fix the Saturn would cost a good bit of money. We do have a possible option of buying it back from a "dealer only" auction at the end of March. We haven't decided if we want to try to do that or not. I can't imagine that it would go for a lot of money with the whole driver's side being damaged and the bumper hanging off of it. Then there would be how much would it "REALLY" take to fix it - you know, properly.

So several things to weigh and consider... I didn't think to take a picture of it. That may have made some people more sad anyways.

But anyhoo- gone is the little blue-green Saturn L200 that accompanied us on so many family journeys to Hilton Head Island & Bluffton, SC and Lynchburg, Virginia for a wedding. It took Daddy all over the place for work to places like Franklin, NC (he lived there for a bit as a kid), Orangeburg, SC, and recently we accompanied him for the afternoon to Beech Mountain and Blowing Rock. It's the car that took me to Greenville Memorial and brought home a Julia Grace from Spartanburg Regional. It's the car that took us to dance practices and Saturday morning soccer games for Mallory.

Little Blue Saturn - you will be missed!


daisey1977 said...

That's so sad sounding! :( ... hopefully you'll come to like the Jeep just as well.