Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elmo's World Survives the Toilet

Yeah you read that right.

Julia Grace has this habit of throwing her toys at you. She wants you to stop whatever you're doing and play with that toy with her right NOW! Tracy had come in the bathroom to tell me something while I was in the shower. Julia Grace marched in behind him and threw the Elmo's World game at him. The only problem was, he was standing beside the toilet talking to me - an OPEN toilet. Hysterical Oh No's and crying ensued as Tracy realized that the game had landed in the toilet. He threw the game in the sink and took her out of the bathroom as she was screaming. She wanted the game back.

To be fair, this was Mallory's toy at about age 2 or 3. Mallory was kind enough to let cousin Adrienne play with it at Nana and Papa's before passing it on to little sister.

Back to the Elmo game...

We both accidentally pushed play while it was still wet. It warbled and talked in fast forward like the Chipmunks. We managed to find a screwdriver to fit the holes on the back and take it apart so we spread it out in 2 pieces to dry.

Surprisingly, 2 days later (the numbers wouldn't work 24 hours later - it would register that you'd pressed them without pressing them) the whole thing worked. We put it back together and Elmo's World has been fine ever since that day. She's even been a little bit better about throwing toys at us. So there you have it - Elmo's World survived the toilet!


daisey1977 said...

This is hilarious! :)