Monday, May 25, 2009

Zoo Tots

Julia Grace is playing with the plastic animals and learning their names.

Julia Grace pet the leopard gecko above - I couldn't get a pic of her petting the snake. She wanted to squeeze him and I had to keep trying to show her the "right" way to pet the snake - with the back of your hand.

She was confused by the big bucket of crayons in the middle at craft time!
They were passing out pie plates with glue and paintbrushes too.
Naturally she thought it was paint since she just learned to paint in the last 2 weeks!
JG is coloring her animals...

The finished product with her snack - the photo was upside down and that's why the funky angle! She was sitting there but had got up and run away right when I snapped the pic.
Imagine that!
ZOO TOTS at the Greenville Zoo!

On Saturday, Julia Grace and I attended a zoo program just for 2-year-olds. She was scheduled for April, May, and June - we missed April because we were stuck in Louisiana.
The program for May was called "The Skin You're In...". They talked about how our skin feels soft, how different animals feel, and why their skin feels that way. It was really neat. They had circle time and each child got to pet a leopard gecko, named Leo, and a black snake that was white (not an albino), named Louis I think. I forget the word she used but the director said the snake was not albino but had something else that caused the snake to be white. The eyes were the normal color for a black snake.
They also had a craft and snack time. They had cut-out shapes of lions, pigs, and birds. We talked about the sounds they made and how their skin felt to touch as well. They were given crayons to color them, some glue to put the "skin" on each animal, and the "skin". They were given a piece of furry fabric to go on the lion, some feathers for the bird and a pink piece of foam sheet for the pig. Julia Grace seemed to think it was paint since they had a paintbrush with it. Her animals were over glued but they turned out OK.
Their snack was "lizard skin" - a green rice krispie treat. She just licked it for a while but finally decided to eat it in the car on the way home. This was definitely a cute little program. I hate that we missed April and I'm looking forward to June's class!