Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jack and the Beanstalk

I had forgotten to post about this - how could I do that?

In late April, Tracy and I took the girls to see a black light puppet show presented by Theatre/Converse. They did a presentation of Jack and the Beanstalk. Both girls really enjoyed it and for the most part Julia Grace is good when we go to productions like this. I have been pleasantly surprised! It's a good thing it was a kids show though because Julia Grace got a little interactive with it. When Jack and his cow were fishing, Julia Grace said "MOOOO!". And this is my most proud/embarrassed moment - Right when the beanstalk started growing to the sky, Julia Grace said "What's THAT?"! This is a proud moment because we just had her evaluated and she qualifies for speech therapy. Part of that diagnosis (of sorts) was based on her not asking questions and having many phrases. Embarrassing obviously because she was loud and beat Jack to his next line which was "What's that?".

Both girls really enjoyed the show as did the adults - it was cute and funny. Converse College theater shows are always great - I often forget this and they're affordable too. Although, you need to check because most of them aren't family productions unless they say they are (language and situations within the productions). Julia Grace really enjoyed climbing the steps up to Hazel B. (the theatre). Tracy and I also got to introduce Mallory to Ms. Mary Nicholson who has been instrumental in too many things to even write about with theater in our community. Tracy and I got to work with Ms. Mary at the Spartanburg Youth Theatre and I got to be in her theater class and a production at Converse College as well.

I almost forgot about one other cute thing - Julia Grace was taking the steps DOWN two at a time after the show. She kept putting her finger to her lips saying "SHHH!". Apparently, after she climbed in Tracy's lap from her seat, she tried to be more interactive and he was shushing her. So she thought that was something you did was to "SHHHH!" - so cute!

We followed with dinner at McDonald's and playground afterwards. Needless to say both girls were asleep shortly after arriving home! It was a great night out with the family!

It was in here that Jack would speak to the cow, the cow would "moo", and Julia Grace would "MOOOOO" back to them.

The Giant is eating Pig and won't share with his wife!

The Giant is dead!

This is Theatre/Converse's promotional picture - I can't take credit for it. :)

This is Julia Grace walking on the sidewalk like a big girl - I love these pictures!