Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Day 1 of Swimming Lessons - Julia Grace is afraid of nothing as we pretty much know but now it's confirmed that taking swimming lessons is a good thing! She's been trying to get me to just let go of her in the pool but once she went totally under and popped back up she seemed pretty surprised that that would happen! She's held on a little bit more in the last few lessons. She doesn't mind being dunked - there are 2 girls that cry any time "dunk" or "under" is mentioned at the lessons!

I do think unless something happens in the next 2 days we'll be repeating the Water Babies class. I don't feel comfortable with what she's learned to pass her on to Water Tots (she's close enough to 3 which is the age limit to move her up to it). In Water Tots the parent doesn't get in the pool with them and they are expected to hold on to the side until the instructor comes for them. Julia Grace isn't always wanting to kick and swim when we're supposed to be. She is getting what they're doing, just not when they want her to do it. Today she was content to be floating on the noodle that was meant to encourage them to let go of their parents and go on their own kicking and "scooping" with their hands. She will still get a certificate on Thursday for completing the program though. She is trying and she likes going to 'wimmin'. She's been excited to go and not given me any trouble getting ready to go in the mornings because she's ready to go. I'm glad she's excited about it and not dreading it!

I'll keep you posted on the lessons and we'll get more pics this week!