Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where we are...

It's been a long week this past week.

We've all been sick but I think we're finally getting better. Unfortunately, my mom seems to have caught whatever we all had but we did warn her not to kiss all over Julia Grace!

I'm another year older and so is my sister. My birthday was last Saturday and Rhonda's was yesterday.

Rhonda had surgery to have a nodule removed from her thyroid and they took part of the thyroid with it. It turned out to be benign which is a good thing - they were removing it to be sure it wasn't more cancer. That was last Thursday. Yesterday morning, Rhonda called me to tell me her grandmother, Granny, had died (her dad's mom). This was also Rhonda's birthday. I feel so bad for my sister - she's just had it rough lately.

Mom and Dad are coming back to town for Granny's funeral on Wednesday. I'm sad about Granny's passing. Even though she wasn't my "real" grandmother, I grew up around her and I've always called her Granny. She was a loud, funny, crazy (Daddy said she was a good kind of crazy) lady who definitely lived her life to the fullest. Granny was my mom's ex-husband's mom but she still treated my mom just like she was still family. She was such a blessing to Mom over the years. Granny always told Dad he was her third son. I wish that all people could be so accepting and loving despite what comes in their lives. I am glad she's no longer in pain. I know she is basking in God's glory right now and that comforts me. I know Granny will be missed by everyone who had the chance to meet her.

Keep my sister's family in your prayers and our mom as always. Thank you and may God bless you all!