Monday, July 27, 2009

Just hangin' around...

I have lots of pictures that are on a different computer and some still on the camera and some still on my phone.

We have lots going on at our house. Mallory is at her mom's for the rest of this week and back here for 2 more weeks this Sunday. Mallory is going to an art camp at Anderson Mill Rd Baptist. Mallory will be playing soccer again this fall and Tracy is going to be a coach so we're getting back into fall soccer mode. We have found a place where Julia Grace will be old enough to play soccer as well but we're torn between soccer and more swimming lessons. She really likes to be in the water but she does so well kicking and running after a ball. Julia Grace will also be starting preschool at St. James United Methodist this fall as well.

We're getting ready for birthdays - my mom will be ___ on August 7th. My grandmother will be 80-something on August 14th. My baby girl will be THREE on August 18th and my hubby will be 28 on August 19th. It gets a little crazy at our house in August but it's a good kind of crazy!

I hope everyone is doing well out there. I have lots more to post but it's close to bedtime and my pics aren't on this computer. Hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of summer!