Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Riverbanks Zoo (in June)

Going to see the birds - mostly the PENGUINS!

Yes, that blur is what we see often in our house!

So I'm way behind in blogging and posting pictures and I hope to catch up on it. My scrapbook is the same way. I signed up for lots of swaps and spent all my crop time making my swaps instead of being able to work on Julia Grace's scrapbook. Don't get me wrong - the swaps are fun and some folks sign up for way more of them than me. I usually do the buy and bag and I'm doing the cookbook swaps. I have one for June and one for July due the end of this month - yikes!

Back to blogging and pictures. We went to Riverbanks Zoo on a Monday in June. We wanted to do something outdoors and every direction we looked (towards Atlanta, towards Asheville) had thunderstorms coming in the afternoon - 80% chance. I was frustrated when I went to bed on Sunday because Mallory and I really had our hearts set (and bags packed!) to go somewhere where there was water for sure to picnic and swim! I woke up Monday and checked the Columbia area. They were okay on the weather - all the storms looked liked they would bypass them later so off we went to the zoo! I know it was not at all what we planned but I know we had just as much fun! Enjoy the pictures!