Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Little Fishes...

Swimming in the pools in Sun City!

There she goes!

Mallory enjoying our time in the pool!

Our little fishes about to go outside in the sprinklers after dinner...
My parents community has 4 pools and since it's a place for "active adults 55 or BETTER" children can only go swimming at certain times. Julia Grace is not allowed in their pools until she's 4 and potty trained however. So... Mom got a splash pool for Julia Grace to play in in their backyard while Tracy and I took Mallory off to the pools. This is from Father's Day weekend - we spent 4 hours after lunch between the outdoor and indoor pool swim times. We had a lot of fun! It was supposed to be around 100 degrees outside that day - the pool temp was 89!
After dinner that evening the girls went back out again and played in my parents backyard. My mom had also gotten a hopscotch sprinkler and both girls played in that too. Julia Grace took turns running through that and then jumping in her little splash pool.
We also played catch with this velcro paddle/ball set (don't know what you call it) until it broke - gotta take that back to Walmart. I've already bought a replacement set elsewhere for $1 more than Walmarts and it's so much sturdier. Julia Grace has learned to take the ball off and throw it too. Now we're just working on catching!