Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Apple Orchard with Julia Grace

I won't show you a picture of the house (because that's boring work stuff) but just know it was a huge, unfinished house that the builder ran out of money to build. It is very large and has hardwood floors throughout and would be beautiful completed. We had to meet a sherriff's deputy to post papers (officer) and change the locks on the house (Tracy). And that was work for the day! :) Easy enough!

It's in Fletcher, N.C. That's where we saw the snow flurries too. We actually saw some cars with a thick covering of snow on their hoods and tops driving along the way. Alas, no snow on the ground. It was really neat to see snow flurries this early! I loooooooooooooooooove snow. I've been told come to Canada and I won't like it so much after all. I'm not sold. I'm a late fall/wintertime girl. I love the crunchy leaves and crisp autumn and winter air. I like that I can breathe without taking a bunch of medicine and I like the way a big gulp of cold air feels.

Applebee's in Hendersonville. Well, it's Applebee's. We had a good family late lunch/early dinner and got on down the road. For those that care, Julia Grace ate broccoli/cheese soup with daddy, spinach/artichoke dip, salsa, chips, fries with ketchup, and did NOT like the fiesta lime chicken or it's accompanying rice that I tried to share. Oh well. She does still eat very well for a toddler. :)

APPLES. And a silly girl. We stopped by the Sky Top Apple Orchard in Flat Rock on the way back down I-26. I had, no kidding, heard or read where 6 different people I knew had gone to this place recently. So... since it was only 4 miles out of our way, we decided to check it out on the way home.

Julia Grace loved it! My pictures are sorta fuzzy - didn't know Tracy had switched it to economy setting for the house photos and it was late afternoon. They had a play area that you could just let the kids go - they had several little playhouses (one shaped like an apple) with 2 playsets with slides & swings. There was more to the place than we stayed to check out yesterday - they make all kinds of things there and have hayrides every half hour during busier times. I think we're going to try to make it back out there soon. It was cold and windy and they were slow - a few older couples and another family was there picking out pumpkins and apples.
Julia Grace played on the play area, and ran through the rows of apple trees. She stopped at a wagon with apples in them - it looked like someone had been loading it up from picking - she picked up some specimens from the ground and added them to the cart. It was funny because she's never seen anything like that done and she was so careful to add the apples to the wagon. At the storefront, they had samples of all the kinds of apples they had in stock and apple cider. Julia Grace loved the sliced apples - peel and all! We had never given her apples like that before, but she loved it. We bought some apples and a gallon of cider and shared a fudge apple on the way home. It was great and I look forward to going back!