Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Island Playground...

Grandma and Grandpa had a special treat in store this afternoon for Julia Grace - Hilton Head Island's very own Island Playground!

This place was an indoor playground with everything from Little Tikes cars, a play kitchen area, big floral couches, and, of course, inflatable slides and play areas. Let me say again if I didn't mention it before now...Julia Grace is FEARLESS!

There was a neat little area called "Dino Dig"! There were toy dinosaurs and toy dinosaur skeletons that you "dug" up with little shovels in mounds of recycled tires that looked like dirt. I loved it! I think Julia Grace did too. It was soo much cleaner than sand - it had a coating on it and I've never seen anything like it. My mom said she'd seen it used as mulch at some rest stops. Anyhow - it was a really neat idea!

Julia Grace also scaled the big bouncy slide fearlessly - only looked back to see if we were watching her and grinned! She slid down all by herself too! She is very proud of herself when she's done and squeals and giggles! She first did this at Monkey Joe's on her 2nd birthday - we went for a family day and I climbed it with her 2 times and by the 3rd, she didn't need me anymore! Mallory followed her up it once that day, but Julia Grace was a pro by then!

We had fun today! Grandma and Grandpa took us to the outlets to help find some new tennis shoes (and chase Julia Grace around Stride Rite) and then we had dinner at Jalapeno's. It was yummy! And when we got home - Grandma and Grandpa had one more surprise - Julia Grace got a t-shirt from Island Playground. Even Tracy and I didn't know about that 'til we got home! Hope you enjoy the pics!

P.S. My bestest friend from high school is 30 today - if you read this, I'm really glad you called today and enjoyed hearing from you! :)