Thursday, October 2, 2008

The story I got in my email today...

Last night. Just before I went into my Bible study, I talked to my parents and received the bad news of my mom's prognosis. is that the right big word? you tell me. I don't feel like looking it up. it sounds right. carrying on...

I added my mom to the prayer requests when I went in the building- you simply write your requests on an index card and drop it in a basket, then it's emailed to all the ladies in our group. Well this morning I had an email in my inbox. It made me call my mom and before I could tell her the hope that it gave me for her, I started bawling. Well, my mom was at work and so sweetly said please don't cry. you'll make me cry and i'm at work so I can't. It struck me how much I missed my mom and how I wanted to hug her and she was so far away from me. I can't wait to be well next week and just go hug my mommy!

Back to my email. I'm just going to copy and paste it. It gives me such hope for her. Please pray for my mom. I know God works miracles every day and I hope that he has one out there with Janice's name on it. Thank you for everything and I love you guys!


My email:

I feel that God wants you to hear my story. And if you ever need someone to talk with, please feel free to call me.

This is not to frighten you. My mother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in September of 2005. We lost her in December of 2005. Her case was extremely progressed and she was only given three months at best.

In March of 2006, God answered my prayers and I met a wonderful Godly man. We dated for two years. This past March, he was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer stage IVB. They gave him only a few weeks to a few months to live. He suffered complications and had major surgery (not for the cancer but as a result of the cancer). They told me on April 5, that he might have ten days. I prayed for God to heal Mike. I knew that I might not get the answer I wanted, but a chaplain had told me to let the Lord know what I wanted. I did. We had people praying for Mike all over the world. He has a website (I, Tracey, removed it for their privacy). On Sunday, April 6, he was not any better. He had a chest tube and a heart tube. He was in pain. On Monday the 7th, he began to feel a little better. They took the heart tube out (drainage had stopped), but the chest tube was still flowing. On Tuesday, the chest tube quit flowing. On Wednesday, he came home from the hospital.

In May, we married in between chemo sessions. He had a hard time with chemo, but each time he went I prayed fervently for the chemo to do the job it was intended. At the end of May, he had lost weight and had a blood transfusion. He was miserable. The doctor ordered another CT scan, which showed the tumor was gone. Mike continued on with chemo through mid June. He was doing well. Two weeks ago, he had a seizure. At the hospital, we found out that he had some minor spots in his brain. He had brain cancer. Chemo does not cross the barrier into the brain. They started radiation and felt strongly that it will take care of the cancer. Last week, he had a PET scan. There is no tumor and no cancer from the neck down. He has five more treatments of radiation and will be tested again. He is doing wonderfully.

As Priscilla said tonight, prayer is your greatest weapon in everything. I will pray for your mother Janice and your family, but especially for you. Mike and I would like to let you know if there is anything we can do to help, we would be glad to help. We know you have a lot of questions, which since we've been through it, we may have some answers. Please feel free to call. We're here for you.