Sunday, October 26, 2008


My mom had her first chemotherapy treatment on this past Monday and goes for week 2 tomorrow. She will be going every Monday for the next 18 weeks. So far this past week she just felt tired, but not really any different than normal. She is still having pain in her neck and some days are better than others. Her throat is still sore from the radiation treatments but she assures me she's still eating all kinds of healthy fattening things. :) I'm just concerned she'll lose weight and she doesn't really have any extra to spare. She assured me today that she's eating lots of peanut butter, drinking milk, eating ice cream and drinking chocolate Boost. She even ate a double cheeseburger from McDonald's last night. Julia Grace and Grandma really like fast food - burgers and fries. :)

My mom and dad came to town this weekend to spend time with family and especially to see my Aunt Kay and my sister's Granny. Neither of them are able to travel and my mom really wanted to see them before she doesn't feel up to traveling herself. My Aunt Kay also has cancer (this is my mom's sister) and hers is inoperable. She has multiple tumors across her body At one point the doctors told my aunt there was nothing they could do and she probably wouldn't be alive past her birthday. Well.... that was mid-2007 and she's about to see her 2nd birthday come since they said that. Aunt Kay is taking some medicine designed to slow the tumor growth but it actually shrunk some of hers! This is a good thing!
My sister's Granny is in a nursing home and while she isn't sick, she isn't well enough to travel 3 1/2 hours to see my parents. This is my sister's dad's mother but I've always known her as Granny too.

I wish we'd had more time to visit but I understand it's hard for them to squeeze in visiting everyone. Mallory came over for about an hour or so before church with her mom to see my mom and dad. I wish we could have visited longer.

I think Tracy and I are going to try to make a trip down to Hilton Head again in a few weeks. I know the plan right now is to possibly do an early Thanksgiving dinner at my mom and dad's house the weekend before Thanksgiving. We've just got to take things day by day and see how the week is going. I'll keep you posted and we appreciate all of your prayers and happy thoughts! :)


Amanda said...

Hey Tracey-
I am sorry to hear about your mom and her battle with cancer. I certainly hope she continues to feel well. You and your family are in my prayers.