Saturday, March 14, 2009


Julia Grace has been coloring a lot lately and is improving as you can see. She's trying really hard to color specific things and stay in the lines. I first noticed this a while back in December when the only thing she colored was the reindeer's nose.
Julia Grace also is branching out beyond Curious George and Elmo - I know I've mentioned the Wiggles are high up there. She really likes Veggie Tales and Madeline too. She sings along with a lot of the DVDs she watches and when she sings with Madeline - she calls her Mad-a-nine! Elmo is Eh-mo or E-mo depending on the day. George (pronounced Jor-jor) has been one of her words for quite some time - before she was 2 actually. She calls the Wiggles - 'I-ggles (like the I in it). She also tries to do the Wiggles hand motion and it's so cute!
She's been coloring and drawing a lot lately. I still don't have any smiley faces uploaded to the computer. She's starting to add some hair to her creations now and it's quite funny. She gets frustrated that I try to get pictures before she can erase it. Julia Grace likes to draw something on the magna-doodle and immediately erase it. And if she's letting you draw, you're lucky if you get to finish it before she erases and takes the pen back from you!
I'm so proud of all the good work she's doing with letters and numbers and drawing/coloring too. She's so smart and so good with her fine motor skills! The next task I have is to try to tape her singing - that's a hard one to nail down because she does it at the most random times! I was getting ready to go somewhere this past week and she started singing Whoa Whoa Whoa Ya Boat... yeah you get it! She sang Row, Row, Row your Boat and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ('winkle, 'winkle, 'ittle s'ar) while I was putting on makeup and brushing my teeth. She's dead on with her notes too! She will mimic any tune we sing - Tracy even put her up to Mallory's karaoke game one night on XBOX and Julia Grace got a GOOD(!) on "Heartbreak Hotel"! It's more important on that game to get the notes right than the words. So proud of our little girl! I'm trying very hard to capture it all! She's so creative and smart - I just can't say enough about her!