Monday, March 23, 2009

Peter and the Wolf

Yep. Those were the only photos of our trip to the ballet with both Mallory and Julia Grace. Julia Grace did fine at her first "big girl" performance. She watched everything quietly and moved to my lap a few times and back to her seat. She did turn around and try to get high-fives from some girls seated behind us twice. However, it was dark and they didn't see her and she wasn't loud so it was all good.

You aren't allowed to take photos during performances so we didn't have any from that. Afterwards my plans were to take photos of the girls with the performers that are in the lobby. Mallory always enjoys getting their "autographs". We had seats in the balcony so rather than try to go down the stairs with Julia Grace, we took the elevator. Mallory was in such a hurry to get out to the lobby she bolted out and stepped on Julia Grace's blanket and tripped her. With her being under the weather she never got over it and Tracy ended up taking her to the car while Mallory got autographs. And Ms. Mallory is getting to be very anti-pictures so she was zipping around so fast I didn't manage to get any of her either.

Only Peter, the Duck, and the Cat came out after the performance. The young man who played the Wolf usually dodges the lobby crowd in the other 2 performances we've been to this seasons - Mallory and I happened to catch him both times on his way out the door of both Converse and Chapman Cultural Center. He's a very talented young man - his name is Alastair Mann (I hope I spelled that right) - he's a teenager and he's been the Blue Cavalier in Snow White (Mallory reminded me of this when I couldn't recall it) and he was the Nutcracker Prince at the Nutcracker. Mallory remembers him by name too because he's so hard to find. I thought it was sweet that Mallory wanted to see the artistic director/Grandfather in this performance and get his autograph. We couldn't find him either. I know he had probably zipped off elsewhere to prepare for their festivities that evening at the Cultural Center - they were having a pre-gathering and a performance of a different dance ensemble at 8 that evening.
We had fun and it was a great show. Mallory and I have really enjoyed going to the ballet this year. I think Tracy may have actually enjoyed himself too. He didn't go to Snow White and Nutcracker but he did come this time. At this point, I would have to say I highly recommend any show that Ballet Spartanburg has to anyone. It's always a great performance and a reasonable ticket price.


Amanda said...

Hey Tracey! Abby saw Peter and the Wolf last week with school, and loved it! She wanted to go back, she liked it so much, but we were unable to make it. So glad to see a new post! Hope Julia Grace feels better soon!