Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Sick Julia Grace...

Julia Grace hardly ever gets sick. Her doctor visits are usually for other calamities (think glue, steri-strips, and stitches) and checkups and that's it.

Well... I'm not sure what she has but I've got an idea now. I took Julia Grace to a MOMS function and she was fine that day. Two days later - not so fine. I thought it was just the nasty cough she's had that made her gag and vomit. Not so much. Stomach virus is in full swing, but looks like it's on its last legs. Hopefully she'll be well by the weekend.

Basically none of the places I planned to take Julia Grace this week have panned out because she has spent almost all of her day in the recliner sleeping (as above) or watching movies. We've seen Lord of the Beans- VeggieTales, Curious George - Zoo Night & Other Adventures, Elmo in Grouchland, Follow that Bird, Splish Splish Big Red Boat - Wiggles, and as of yesterday, Annie. Julia Grace likes to watch the same thing again after it ends. In between have been the actual Curious George show, Clifford, and Sesame Street on PBS. She's done a little coloring but mostly just lying around recuperating.

Daddy is hanging out with Julia Grace this afternoon while I go to work but first I'm off to get some more things from the store - more Pull-ups and some Gatorade. My little girl has suddenly decided she doesn't like Pedialyte - oh well. At least she is still drinking ice water! We hope our little sweetie feels better soon and we can go out to play again soon!