Monday, March 30, 2009


Yes, I know - that was the beginning of March - the first Saturday actually!

I don't have very many pictures because I forgot the digital camera and these were on my cell phone which also wasn't fully charged. This was Julia Grace's first trip to the library- she's such a wild child I have been fearful of taking her even for story time! And go figure - the one day you can be loud in the library - she was quiet!

Mallory had her face painted, made a clay culpture and ran all over the train!

Julia Grace stayed in the stroller and took it all in - quietly! She whimpered as Mallory was having her face painted and when the girl got ready to do Julia Grace's face, she started crying. So obviously there was something scary about face-painting to Julia Grace. We didn't get balloon "art" - they wouldn't let anyone else in line after 3.15 and we just got there at 3! Oh well. We mainly went to take a look around and see what it was since we'd never been to the library's annual Jamboread! festival.

I would say both girls had fun - we came home with 4 balloons and a clay sculpture. Julia Grace had a silly straw with a little plastic thingy that says Jamboread! - Mallory had laid hers down somewhere and when we asked for another one as we were leaving they wouldn't give us another one. Oh well. We did see the end of the bicycle stunt show, but Mallory wasn't too impressed - she said that's the same guys that came in second grade to my school - same stuff. :) Oh my. Enjoy the pics - I think we'll definitely try to go to this again next year - just a little earlier so we can enjoy more of it!


Buggaboosmommy said...

Julia looks JUST like you.