Monday, October 27, 2008

10 things to do...

I'm wondering how I will do if I post my to-do list for the week and then update the blog on it when it's done. I'm going to try it anyways. In no order of importance :

1. buy things to finish making Julia Grace's chipboard letters (J-U-L-I-A) for her side of the bedroom.
2. finish knitting my scarf.
3. convert the entertainment center in our bedroom to an entertainment area/craft storage WITHOUT it looking junky!
4. finish sorting Julia Grace's clothes for donation - already done with Mallory's clothes and donated too! :)
5. start weeding out clothes from mine & Tracy's closet to store or donate.
6. make the cupcakes I promised the kids and husband! (new recipe I'm trying - have all ingredients!)
7. finish updating Bob's website with current listings and
8. finish updating file folders in the office (I don't get paid any extra to do these and I'm dragging on getting those done sometimes -part of the money we make when the property sells is for maintaining the website listing and file folder as we go along).
9. pick out a color for the bathroom paint and buy it.
10. buy flowers to plant this weekend!

Do you think I can do it? We'll see!!