Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Wiggly Exercise routine...

Without fail every day now we have Wiggles DVD time. Julia Grace got "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!" by the Wiggles for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa (and Chris & Jennifer and Christopher - had to exchange the last two). She loves this DVD! Julia Grace and I have started dancing to the Wiggles because it makes us feel like dancing! Ha!

Seriously - if you did all the dances, the Wiggles do in time to the music - holy cow! You would be in great shape! Julia Grace has 3 other Wiggles DVDs but she really gets into this one the most! She sings the "Ahhs" with the first song on it. But she loves Dr. Knickerbocker. She tries so hard to get the rhythm of the number 9! I'll have to make a video of it some morning because it's so cute! We'll sing it to her and say now we've got the rhythm of the number and she jumps and says NINE! Love it! In the meantime, the 4 devilishly handsome Wiggles are performing in attached YouTube style.

I have to say the Wiggles are great - I can't wait to see them on tour this year. Is that goofy of me to say? It's definitely in the plans for when they come through which doesn't appear to be until OH MY! Late summer or Fall ? Wow... They really do make great music that doesn't get on your nerves and I can definitely get behind these guys educationally as well! We love the Wiggles!

Oh and Julia Grace's other cute thing is she says "Wake up EFF!" We're still working on the "J".

I'm seriously going to bed now. I've had Dr. Knickerbocker in my head for 5 hours now. I danced to it 5 hours ago as well. The things we do for our kids! Yeah, that's it! :)