Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long week...

It's been a long week, but a productive week. It is late and I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is the second half of Bob's BPO Boot Camp and we have lots of work to do at the first of the week. I am hoping it's a little more calm by mid-week next week.

Have lots of pictures to post of various things - Julia Grace loved Elmo (E-Mo) and mostly just looked around the place and smiled. She did stare long and hard at this little boy's light-up toy souvenir in front of us. She even leaned forward a few times and looked at it. I thought she was going to try and grab it. She never did though and I was proud. She tries so hard to sing Elmo's World too. Tracy bought her the same light-up toy as we were leaving. It was overpriced for what it was but you know, she was so good and didn't have a fit over it so I think she may have (for lack of a better word) earned it. He also bought her cotton candy which she tasted and said no, unh-uh when we tried to give it to her. Instead she fed it to me and Tracy, then wanted to play with the cone that held the cotton candy. Go figure!

It's cold and I'm going to get in my warm bed. More posts tomorrow when I'm home alone with Julia Grace while Tracy is at boot camp. Lucky him! :)