Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Those that know me well know that I am a coffee junkie. Addict. whatever. I love coffee. I prefer it sweet . Splenda does well and those little Equal tabs are okay but plain old sugar is awesome. I like flavors. Currently I have 5 different flavors of creamer in my fridge. No joke. They're all on the top shelf. In addition to this I have 4 different roasts of coffee in there as well. One day - when I have more counter space and some money to burn - I will have the cappuccino/espresso maker in my house and a coffee grinder. Is it sad that I dream of these things? Is it sad that I love coffee so much? I don't think so. It's healthy to have aspirations even if it's only for a better cup of coffee!

I love the smell of coffee. It's intoxicating to me. Forget wine or mixed drinks - give me a good coffee any day. I love the dessert coffees too - I really like Bailey's Irish Creme and coffee together. YUM! :) I can make do without the creamer in my coffee but I better have some sugar. I like strong coffee. And please don't disgrace the coffee with whipped cream. Really. What did the coffee ever do to you?

Okay. Now that you know about my coffee addiction, I think I should get back to work. Tracy drove 11 hours today. He ate dinner, did one BPO, and went to bed with Julia Grace. He's exhausted. He was down near my parents house in Walterboro and Yemassee today. Believe it or not - it snowed down there too but it didn't stick. It was snowing all of his day today until he left Yemassee at 6. It snowed here pretty good but it just never stuck the way it should. By the time Julia Grace woke for the day, we only had the same dusting we had when I woke at 3.30 a.m. I took pics (at 3.30 a.m. and at 9.30 a.m.)but I'll have to find the camera later and upload them. It was mixed with crunchy ice in our yard so it wasn't worth taking her out to play in it. We rode with Nana to some errands today and by the time we got home at 3 p.m. it was all melted and gone except the icicles hanging from our roof. Oh well. Maybe next time! Go have a good cup of coffee for me ! Good night everyone!


J.E. said...

Your blog looks nice too.... I am saving the shave or no shave pic for next week... I want it to be a little fuller.... I am still letting it grow... Its getting kind of itchy now though.