Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things are going...

I have a lot on my plate (figuratively speaking, not literally). I have some decisions to make this week and lots to do. I think this year won't be an easy year for our family but it will hopefully be a landmark year when we look back.

I have been blessed with a good husband, wonderful, silly daughters, and a roof over our heads. We have food in our fridge (hey, it's not caviar and crab legs or anything but it will do for now!) and warm beds to sleep in at night. We have entertainment in its own silly form in this house. We laugh, we dance, we draw, we color, we bounce balls around the house and off of each other. We sing, we stomp, we tickle, we watch elmo and the wiggles and curious george and random other movies. we read and play board games (no, allison, that's not BORED games - i know you're not a fan there). While we don't have cable - oh my gosh - yes, there are still rabbit ears on our TV and yes, we've ordered our converter box coupons - we have plenty of entertainment in this house that's for sure. and best of all, it is free. I'm all about free happiness.

Tonight, I hung out with the girls while Daddy went to watch the Panthers have their you-know-whats handed to them. The girls watched Aristocats and had butterscotch chip cookies that Gigi had made for Mallory (my grandmother - mallory calls her Grandma and the closest we get with Julia Grace is Gigi because she calls my mom Grandma or well "Am-ma"). Mallory wrote thank you notes and addressed the ones that I knew addresses for off the top of my head - she wrote them from the whole family. We had cheeseburger macaroni Hamburger Helper for dinner - I know, basic but it made us happy. Tracy is not so much a fan of that flavor so we had it while the daddy was away. We talked about lots of random things and it was nice to just have an evening at home with the girls. Mallory was super sleepy, went to go to bed, and when I got there to tuck her in, Julia Grace had snuggled into the bed with her. That didn't last long. 30 minutes later a sleepy Mallory opened the bedroom door and said she doesn't want to sleep in here anymore. It was sweet while it lasted. Mallory of course went right back to sleep. Julia Grace, unfortunately, got a second wind and played with her kitchen while watching "Eh-mo" in Grouchland.

On another note, my mom got some of her reports back on Friday and the masses in her lung have both shrunk but no change was noted on one on her liver. She doesn't know about her bones or her neck yet. They told her they would either have the rest late Friday (she didn't hear anything) or they would be at the office in time for her appointment on Monday, hopefully. We are planning a trip to see them the last weekend of the month.

And next week will be a busy week for many different reasons - too numerous to really explain or post at the moment. I'll just tell you as it comes. Bob's BPO Boot camp is next Friday and Saturday at Limestone College and that always keeps us busy - and the whole office. Tracy is doing his very own presentation on their Central Business Console (CBC) that he's done the work on and integrated for Shelton Properties to all the attendees. I told Mallory we have to get him a haircut and something pretty to wear. well, you know. not really pretty but that's what we say when Daddy has to dress up for work. :)

Keep praying for us - lots of decisions, lots of things to come in the next few weeks that will make a big difference in the long run. Hope everyone is well and if you want me to add anything to our prayers specifically let me know!


Buggaboosmommy said...

So, if something changes about your trip the last weekend of the month, give me a yell...there's a wonderful birthday party that we'd love to see you at!!!