Sunday, January 18, 2009

last few Christmas pics

This is the proof that Makenzie actually sat in Edward's lap! (an uncommon occurrence)
Look at Julia Grace's pretty curls!! No, I do not curl her hair!

hehehe... Jimmy gave them thongs! No lie!

This is Julia Grace's "Are you kidding me?" look!

Nana with Julia Grace and Makenzie in her lap.

Julia Grace is so sleepy before heading home from Gigi's house.

These were in random places - the red dress with the big red bow were taken Granny's house in Asheville on Christmas Day evening. We still missed a few people at Christmas (I still have some presents to mail to Canada in my living room) and missed Carl & Bev's family. We just couldn't possibly be in all the different places this year - it was exhausting as it was. It was quite possibly the best Christmas with the kids yet though!