Saturday, April 11, 2009

A looooooooong week!

It's been a long week. I will probably blog about most of it later. Sunday through Wednesday evening we were in Lafayette, Lousiana visiting Tracy's brother, Philip. Tracy drove all night long Wednesday into Thursday morning to get us home.
I worked yesterday evening and that 5 hour shift sure did turn into a 7.5 hour shift and I am still feeling beat. Gotta go back and do it all over again this evening, but praise Jesus, they gave me Easter Sunday off work. I think if I see any more dinner rolls after this evening I might just scream. I saw dinner rolls and pound cakes out the wazoo last night at work.
Anyhoo - we had a good time in Lousiana aside from the car mishap - more about that later too. We took Julia Grace to the Children's Museum of Lafayette on Tuesday and had a great late lunch at Don's Seafood Hut where we tried crawfish - yummy! We took Julia Grace to the Zoo of Acadiana on Wednesday and had dinner at a chain called Cane's before hitting the road. Lots of pics to post but I have to get ready for a busy day today if I hope to relax at all on Easter Sunday! We also have to go buy a new camera - we had 2 cameras we used for work and family photos - they have all now bitten the dust. Ironically the el cheapo one we bought for work lasted the longest and finally died yesterday evening. RIP Vivitar camera (hehehe - vivitar). Have a great sunny Saturday!