Monday, January 12, 2009

Cancer update

Mom had her chemotherapy and blood work done today. Her magnesium levels had been down for the last few weeks. The trial drug depletes her body of magnesium. She even had to go last Tuesday night to sit in the ER and have a magnesium infusion. This week the magnesium level was back up to a 1.6 and they prefer it to be a 1.7 so she's still taking extra Mag-Ox tablets. I didn't realize they didn't do a bone scan and so that's why she said there was no report on her bones. I thought she meant they just didn't tell her where that stood ( she thought they would be able to tell her about her bones too). No bone scan 'til the end though because she doesn't have bone cancer - they're concerned with the organs.

Her lung masses, as I said before, have shrunk a great deal. She got the results on her neck back today though AND there is NO sign of a tumor present! :) It appears to be gone and have left some scarring. The cancer had eaten part of her C2 vertebrae away and she will always have some neck pain and arthritis as a result. Did you get that though? The one in her neck pressing against her spine and base of her brain appears to be GONE!

And here's the funny part - we were talking about all the words Julia Grace is saying and about things going on in my day, my mom was lamenting missing her "nap" today during chemo, and that she had to shampoo her wig (that just sounds funny to me too). She FORGOT to tell us her good news! I'm so happy for her and hope she continues to do well! Thank you for everyone that prays for her and continue to keep her there!

Today has been a good day for many reasons and things are definitely looking great overall! I have to get back to my rearranging and sorting things to donate. Tracy will be gone during the day tomorrow for work and I have Bible study beginning tomorrow evening.I'm so happy about that - I love our ladies group! I may be back to post some more in the wee hours of the morning after J.G. has gone to sleep. I get more done that way sometimes! Later taters!


daisey1977 said...

Wow!!! What fantastic news!! I'm so glad to hear this! Definitely will keep praying for her continued improvement.