Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy weekend ahead!

I will post more on Monday of our trip to Lousiana, Zoo of Acadiana, Riverbanks Zoo and Easter with Grandma and Grandpa.

Today I am having the one day I can count on each month to hang out with my friends and scrapbook ALL DAY LONG! :) Today is our scrappy day where we crop literally all day - the crop is from 10 a.m. til midnight. I usually don't arrive until lunchtime due to other things in the mornings - usually a dance practice for Mallory or a short shift at work. Today I am off work but I'm taking care of a few things before I pick up Mallory from dance rehearsal. Then I'm off to scrappy time! Tracy will spend the day with the girls - they usually have a good bit of fun. They play board games, GameCube, watch movies with popcorn and he often cooks dinner for them although they're often known to get a $5 pizza or two from Little Caesar's as well. Sometimes he cooks breakfast for them - cheese omelettes and pancakes - and he's cooked ribs and wings for him and the girls before too. They're a little spoiled can ya tell? I'm really grateful that he doesn't mind staying home with them so I can have my day with my friends. I'm also thankful for a Nana that watches the girls when Daddy and Papa have basketball at church for 2 hours on Saturday nights too while I scrap! Today is a no-basketball day though and after Daddy and Papa taking a tumble on the courts last week I'm not sure they both would have went back!

Tomorrow is Tracy's grandmother's 80th birthday party. This is actually a bigger party than I realized. All of Granny's children helped plan it and they expect to have a really large crowd of people between church members and out of town family. It will be at their church, Oteen Baptist Church. Granny said she doesn't know if she'll be able to stand all those people looking at her and paying attention just to her. She's so sweet and humble! So tomorrow we'll be spending the day in Asheville with family after church and we just love that! I plan to take lots of pictures there as well. Be back to post more on Monday!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!


Buggaboosmommy said...

don't forget you have an old friend in Asheville.... :)