Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Egg Scramble - April 4, 2009

On Saturday, April 4th, Tracy and I took the girls to USC-Upstate for the Easter Egg Scramble. This was the first year we've been able to take the girls to this hunt. I think Mallory had been one time a few years back with her mom and Richard but I am not sure. Usually we just have always gone to the pre-school Easter egg hunt at church - with Mallory for several years and then we skipped a year when she was too old and Julia Grace was just born. Now we've gone with Julia Grace and Mallory and Adrienne have come along too as "older siblings and guests" :) . We didn't make it to the preschool egg hunt this year - Mallory was at her mother's on Easter weekend and cousin Adrienne wasn't with us either.
Back to the Egg Scramble - Tracy and Mallory headed up to the older kids field to hunt. We ran into the our friends the Henke's a few times on the field and Mallory caught up to Robert and Justin on the field a few times. I stayed down on the toddler field with Julia Grace. Talk about antsy children! You would think they would have lineup a little less chaotic with little ones wanting to get to all those eggs! Julia Grace got fussy and wanted one of the DumDum suckers she'd already been given and not her blanket for once. So I gave her the mango flavored sucker (she likes mangoes so I figured why not?). This kept her content and she ate the sucker and looked around at everyone lining up okay. They finally sound the horn to go get all those eggs. Julia Grace - oh my - she ran and got 4 eggs after saying Julia Grace look! Then she just stood there watching everyone else eating her sucker. I guess that was sufficient for her!

Mallory got a lot of eggs but no "prize" eggs. Robert Henke got a "prize" (piece of paper) in one of his eggs and ran up to show it to Mallory before he went to the tent to claim his reward. Mallory's known the Henke twins since preschool and my neice, Amber, has been their babysitter since the boys were 3 or 4 - a very long time! Other than the Henkes I'm really surprised we didn't see more people Mallory knew. Tracy and I ran into an old coworker of his and I waited in line with her and her toddler at the field. I ran into Michaela and her little ones from MOMS.

Tracy and Mallory went to look at the Soapbox Derby car and some bunnies in a tent while I talked to Michaela - then we all walked over to the petting zoo and took Julia Grace back to look at the bunnies in the tent. She wouldn't touch the bunnies for some reason. She likes petting zoos and so does Mallory - our girls really LOVE the zoo!

We had a great time at Easter Egg Scramble and I think we'll make that a yearly outing - it wasn't expensive at all ($2 each kid in advance) and we all had fun on a nice SUNNY Saturday morning!

(My photos got out of order - I did good to get 2 'blog posts done in a day so far so I'm not redoing them. I think you, dear reader, can figure out what we're doing!)