Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Louisiana Day 3

This was the first stop JG made in the museum.

Notice how they are color coordinated.
She does this with everything especially her tea set at home

A plethora of Potato Heads! Hahaha!

Of course - refridgerator magnets are exciting to Julia Grace no matter where they are!

Can he do it?
Yes, he can! Tracy in a bubble!
Bubble daddy!
Julia Grace tries her hand at making Bubbles like Daddy...

Hey... it popped!


Julia Grace loves toy trains - Thomas, Brio, Melissa & Doug - doesn't matter just love the wooden trains!

I guess the folks in the ambulance needed some plastic lettuce?

Steering while under the influence of plastic lettuce - is this allowed?

Hey - look at me!

In the ambulance still...

It all looks yummy to me!

The "view" from the cafe window!

Julia Grace is serving up some lettuce for Nana!

And this is what happens when Julia Grace plays hard! Sleepy Julia Grace - look at her arms folded on her chest - so sweet and content!

On Tuesday, April 7 we checked out our hotel and headed over to Uncle Philip's place to unload. We decided to spend the remainder of our nights at his apartment.
After unloading and Tracy getting his emails handled for the day, Tracy, Cathy, myself and Julia Grace ventured out for a bit. We went to the Children's Museum of Acadiana . We spent several hours there and had a good bit of fun. It was similar to KidSenses, but with a local flavor. They had a restaurant which had crawfish on the menu and the grocery store was a Winn-Dixie (yeah they're extinct up here ya know!). Tracy and Julia Grace had fun with the bubbles and the trains the most I believe. Julia Grace served all three of us plates with lettuce on them in the restaurant.
After visiting the museum, we ate lunch at Don's Seafood Hut. Nana just had a salad. Julia Grace had their cheeseburger plate. I had a seafood platter with oysters, shrimp, catfish and a stuffed crab. Tracy was brave and tried the local dish of crawfish etouffee and friend crawfish tails. I tried some too. We really liked it everything we had. I forgot that I do actually like fresh fried oysters. It was really yummy! We then stopped by a local Starbucks 'cause hey... there it was and I'd been craving it for 2 days. We all, well, not Julia Grace, had Starbucks and I really enjoyed my Vanilla Latte. Starbucks is dangerous for me - I just LOooooVE a good coffee!

After this we headed back to Uncle Phil's place and everyone opted for a nap. After Philip got home, he and Cathy went to the grocery store and got some things Philip needed and some groceries. I made spaghetti casserole and Phil's friend Nathan came over to eat with us. We all had a good dinner and chilled out at his place the rest of the evening.