Saturday, April 25, 2009

lots to update...

I know I know...I keep saying I'll finish updating and I don't. But I will do it this weekend - most likely tomorrow evening. We're going to Nana and Papa's for a late dinner with them and Mamaw.
Julia Grace and I spent the day shopping and hanging out with Jayne and her boys all day yesterday. It was nice to get out and do something with a friend without being rushed to be anywhere else. Thursday afternoon I got really brave and took Mallory and Julia Grace to the Greenville Zoo all by myself! They played on the playground outside the zoo for an hour past close and then we met a clean Daddy (he'd been cutting yards all afternoon) for dinner and hanging out before Mallory went back to her mother's. Wednesday Tracy and I took Julia Grace to McDonald's for some playtime and lunch before they dropped me off at work,headed to get some pictures for some BPO's, then they came back to get me. It's just been a really busy week.

I've got a lot of things I want to get done this week. Lots of little projects around the house that I hope will make a big difference around here. Busy planning some small day trips for us and the girls too - I will be glad when summer gets here and Mallory can join us on our day excursions too. Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far and check back for more updates and pictures from the rest of Louisiana and Easter and 3 zoos in a month - whoa baby! Julia Grace is learning to say things like zoo and tell you what sounds animals make. She says E-ra (zebra) and A-raffe (giraffe).'s progress! She and Mallory really like petting zoos - they have a hoot and a half at them! Take care and check back later!