Monday, April 27, 2009

Louisiana Day 4

Yummy chicken at Cane's!

This is what happens AFTER the Zoo!

Waiting on Nana to come get us...

Onyx the black panther - she had come running up to the zoo worker at the fence like she was going to pounce and suddenly laid down and PURRED!

The white tiger kept pouncing at the glass window whenever Tracy would look in at him!

Baby EMUS!

This was the parent emu that almost pecked me because I was leaning over taking the baby emus' picture. YIKES!

I told you she loves the zoo!

Tiger Tiger - ROAR!!! We would say Tiger Tiger and JG would roar. Ah... the Wiggles.

Train at the zoo - it wasn't running yet on the weekdays.

'Gators sunning themselves on the bank.

Why yes, that IS a peacock walking across my path!
It's an 'iraffe!

JG REALLY liked the llamas!

I did NOT let her pet anything at this petting zoo - it smelled and the pig had stuff flying around it. ICK!

250 lb. tortoise!

Julia Grace did "moo" when the cow mooed!
Yup, that's a rooster in my path!

I only let her pat the plastic alligators.

Pygmy Hippopotamus - It STUNK!

Black bear


On our last day in Louisiana - we spent the afternoon at Zoo of Acadiana in Broussards. Tracy and I took Julia Grace while Philip and Nana were taking care of seeing about the Saturn being fixed. They told us about noon that it "COULD" be fixed that day.
The zoo wasn't a huge one but it was neat to go to one somewhere away from home and see how things were different. We had to wait in the parking lot for Cathy to come pick us up because the car seat was in her car at this point. JG ate some -ironically- animal crackers and fell asleep while waiting.
We ate at a chain called Cane's chicken for dinner before hitting the road. It was really good - wish we had one here! Tracy drove all night long Wednesday into Thursday to get home. We enjoyed seeing Philip and seeing Louisiana but we all had things to do and were just ready to be home.