Friday, April 17, 2009

Louisiana Day 2 of my captivity...

Julia Grace is coloring in her Rainbow Fish coloring book.
Getting up close and personal with the Robin Hood DVD - I bought a DVD copy recently and it's become a favorite of Julia Grace. Mallory was pretty happy about the decision to get a copy on DVD too - they watch it together often.

More Julia Grace and her DVD player - note the sunglasses to the side. She would put them on her face off and on while watching the DVD - I wasn't successful in getting pics of them on her face. She's such a ham!

Whoa baby! Check out the Heels hat and the cheese face! Yes, Julia Grace got into the bag of Dorito's! She loves them!
Well, actually, Julia Grace and I spent Monday (day 2) in the hotel room. We were cranky about it to begin with but decided to be content with what we had.
Julia Grace and I woke up about 9 a.m. - anyone that knows my husband and his mom, knows that they DID NOT wake up at 9 a.m. More like 11.30 a.m. Anyhoo... I fed Julia Grace breakfast from our stash we brought with us and we had apples, bananas, and leftover Cracker Barrel biscuits and milk for her and Coke Zero for me. Nummy Nummy!
Julia Grace colored quietly and drew on a hotel notepad for a little while. I'm not sure they would have woke up when they did but she was having a hissy fit because I was doing the "pre-brush" on her hair - the one where we brush some of the tangles out before bath time to make washing and brushing afterwards as effortless as possible. (did I just use effortless in a sentence about Julia Grace - wait those don't go together!)

Nana got up and called a dealership and scheduled an appointment even though OnStar said it could wait. Tracy and I were both ill about this in the beginning because she was told it could wait and we thought she was being paranoid (it was a good thing she went after all). There was also a misunderstanding and Philip thought someone would be back to take him somewhere at 10 a.m. . Cathy left to take him where he needed to go and then to the dealership. Then they called Tracy and told him he needed to come sit at the dealership while they went to eat lunch. The dealership said someone had to sit and wait on the car. I've never heard of such and neither has my 20+ year veteran service dept father. He said he's sure never told anyone that.
Carrying on here... So... Tracy went to the dealership and sat and used Philip's laptop and the dealership's Internet to take care of some BPO's and monthly status reports. I guess the good news is in his wait there he got all of his work done for the next few days. I had brought along Julia Grace's portable DVD player, 3 coloring books, crayons and 8 DVDs. Yeah I know - for 3 days? I tell you... I'm glad that I did. Julia Grace and I ordered Papa John's pizza and cheese sticks. As soon as it was delivered Julia Grace jumped on the bed and yelled NUMMY! and got over to the table to eat pronto! We spent the afternoon watching Robin Hood and the Wiggles and then took a really long nap!

This was a good thing - we ended up getting things for sandwiches at Wal-mart that evening and munchies and chilled out watching the Tarheels win! :) Yeah! Julia Grace is even sporting her Daddy's Tarheel hat in some pics! Day 2 in captivity, I mean, the hotel wasn't so bad by the end of the day. It was great Mommy/Julia Grace time!