Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have been awake since 3 a.m. At first I could not figure out why on Earth I would be awake at such an hour. I got up (went to the bathroom - you know what everyone goes to do initially when they wake in the middle of the night) and that just wasn't it. My hand was still hurting some so I took something for that thinking maybe that little nagging pain bothered me enough to wake me. I drank some grape juice. Nah... none of this seemed to be it. Nor did I seem to be getting sleepy.

So I laid back down and that didn't work. I was warm and cozy and it was dark. So I got back up and I had some quiet time in prayer. And afterwards it was one of those moments I just realized hrmmm.... I'm up because you wanted me to get up and get going right? It was as though I could feel God shaking his head YES (emphatically!). So yeah, here I am God - I am up and at 'em! :) Hehehe. I think God knew... well, no I know God knew I needed some quiet time to myself this morning to get some things done that couldn't be done with a little girl running around the house and that included some morning time with Him. It's a good thing He woke me so early 'cause the little girl of the house woke up at 7 a.m. herself! Wowsers. I've been going to bed earlier and she has too. So we're having more early mornings and it's not been bad at all so far.

Yesterday, Julia Grace woke up around 4 a.m. and decided to kiss my face over and over while I slept and sing. Yes, SING. Like... Bababbabebaabaaaaa and Whoa Whoa Whoa ya Bow (Row, Row your boat). But how on Earth can you get upset with that? I finally said Julia Grace you're not going back to sleep are you? She giggled, ran in the living room, stood on the couch to turn on the overhead light and got in the recliner and waited. You know. For food and TV. Rotten I tell you! She had some ice water, an apple and watched 85% of Toy Story 2 before conking back out right around 6 a.m. I went back to bed after calling dad to wish him a Happy Birthday. She woke up in time for Sesame Street. Never fails. EVER.

I tell ya - I will be ready for a nice nap after lunch with Kari today! Maybe it will be raining by then to help me out with that! :) Oh, and thank You, God, for awakening me today!